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The official Villagers & Heroes Wiki is managed by Mad Otter, but edited and maintained by our players. Check it out for information about virtually any aspect of the game, and feel free to contribute as much as you would like!

I want to contribute! What’s the first thing I can do?

There are generally two things that are always needed on the wiki:

  1. Making new articles that do not yet exist. If you would like to make an article on a specific topic and searching for it results in a non-existent page, you can make it yourself! If it’s in any of the categories below, make sure you use the example page as detailed. If not, it can be made entirely from scratch.
  2. Improving existing articles that are in need of quality control. See the Needs Quality Control and Stubs categories – if there are any pages there that you feel you can improve, go for it!

Example Pages

Certain kind of pages – Enemies, Quests, Zones, Items etc. – have example pages to make it quicker and easier to create new pages of the same kind – complete with a good structure, infoboxes, etc. Please see these pages if you wish you make a page on any of the following:

How do I make a new infobox?

If you need to make a new kind of infobox, you can do the following:

  1. Search for “Infobox” and then click “Everything”. Pick an existing infobox that is the closest to the new one you wish to make.
  2. When the existing template has been opened, click Edit Source and simply copy all the text.
  3. Then make a completely new page by searching for – “Template:Infobox (Name)” – replace Name with the intended name for the infobox. It’ll tell you the page doesn’t exist, so choose to create a new one. Paste back all the text you copied.
  4. Note the structure of the text, change any parts that needs changing, and save. You can now use this infobox on any page you make by inserting Template:Name.

Front Page

If you have made a page or category you feel should be present on the wiki front page, please send a message about it on the Admin noticeboard and it will be evaluated.

Transferring Content From Other Wikis

If you would like to copy content that exists on other V&H fan wikis, you are very welcome to! Just make sure to follow these guidelines on how to treat the content:

Can be copied

Can be copied in its entirety.

  • Paragraphs and pure content of any kind – summaries, lore, guides etc.
  • Images and other uploads

Can be partially copied

Can be copied but may need to be edited to fit into the new structure of the wiki.

  • Bullet point lists and tables which provides an overview of other articles
  • Actual content (not template code) of infoboxes

Can not be copied

Should never be copied – if missing, should instead be made from scratch to fit into Gamepedia-specific templates and pages.

  • Templates, infoboxes, etc.
  • Any underlying code the visitor does not see
  • Anything providing internal structure (such as infoboxes)
  • Anything containing inline HTML or CSS