Official Wiki

The official Villagers & Heroes Wiki is managed by Mad Otter, but edited and maintained by our players. Check it out for information about virtually any aspect of the game, and feel free to contribute as much as you would like!

I want to contribute! What’s the first thing I can do?

There are generally two things that are always needed on the wiki:

  1. Making new articles that do not yet exist. If you would like to make an article on a specific topic and searching for it results in a non-existent page, you can make it yourself! If it’s in any of the categories below, make sure you use the example page as detailed. If not, it can be made entirely from scratch.
  2. Improving existing articles that are in need of quality control. See the Needs Quality Control and Stubs categories – if there are any pages there that you feel you can improve, go for it!