Become a Playtester - Villagers & Heroes

Become a Playtester

Are you interested in being a playtester for Villagers & Heroes? We are always in need of enthusiastic volunteer players who enjoy poking and prodding the game, helping us find bugs, and providing us with feedback about new features and content.

We maintain a separate test server, dedicated for just that purpose. On our forums, we also have a private section just for testers, where they can read all about current patches and communicate with the developers.

Important Things To Know Ahead of Time:

  • Since the hack, our process for hooking up testers is no longer the same as it was. We will instead be hooking up new testers in bulk, versus individually. This means it could be several weeks after you apply, before you receive emails from us with your tester confirmation and all relevant info about being a tester. In other words, please don’t panic if you do not hear back from us right away.
  • It is not possible to use a Steam account for playtesting. If you are a Steam player, please make a new account (just for testing) using our SAC client, which you can download here.
  • Android Testers will be emailed a separate Google invitation to join the VH Testers Group. After accepting it, you will be provided with the link to download the test client onto your Android device. *Note: it is not possible to have both the test and live versions on your device, so you will need to uninstall/reinstall the live version of the game, and leave/rejoin the VH Google Testers Group each time.
  • iOS Testers will be emailed a separate Testflight invitation, with the steps to download the VH test client.
  • iOS Testers, please be aware that because of the length of time Apple requires in submitting test builds that we often only submit to them after multiple builds, since we push test builds so frequently. This means iOS testers will often not be testing whatever the current test build is, but will be testing in later builds. However, iOS testers still have access to the SAC client, so if you play cross-platform, you can still test all the builds on PC.
  • If you do not already have a forum account with us, you will need to make one in order to have access to the information we provide about test builds, and to be granted access to the private tester section of the forums. If you do not include a valid forum name on your tester application, you will not be made a tester.

Looking forward to having new eyes and ears joining our testing team!