Become a Playtester

We maintain a dedicated private Test Server, and are always in need of knowledgeable V&H players with an eye for details who can help us improve the game by rigorously poking and prodding new content and features, searching for bugs, ensuring fixes hold, providing feedback, and, in general, are willing to volunteer their time to assist us in ensuring that the highest quality of material will be pushed to the live servers.

What Makes a Good Tester?

  • A familiarity with the many different aspects of V&H (combat, gear, crafting, questing, villaging, raids, and much more)
  • Some tech knowledge, or being comfortable retrieving files as needed, or conversing about technical issues
  • Good communication skills and bug reporting – being able to effectively articulate issues, and aptly supplying reproduction steps for them, as well as providing high level feedback as needed.
  • A meticulous nature and an eye for details – being able to spot that which is not always immediately visible
  • Familiarity playing on mobile.  We are always looking to improve the mobile aspect of our game, and players who can test certain mobile-only features are a huge help to us.
  • A Forum presence – regularly reading Patch Notes and news, and keeping up with current game issues as they are posted.

Important Things to be Aware of Before Applying to be a Tester

  • If you are a Steam player, please be sure that you have already registered your Steam account for our SAC.  (You will find the option to do so on the Character Select Screen of the V&H Steam client, in the lower left hand corner.  Please just be sure to register an email address which is not already associated with the game.)
  • Mobile players: please know ahead of time that switching between the live server and test server of the game requires having to uninstall/reinstall each version of the game whenever going back and forth each time on your mobile devices.
  • A registered Forum account is required for testing since we maintain a private Tester section on our forums, and that is how we communicate with our Testers. If you do not have a forum account, we cannot approve you as a tester.
  • Testers can test however much or how little they choose, and there is no set requirement as to hours.  However, testers who have not logged onto Test server for three months or more are removed as testers.
  • New tester applicants are approved and given access in batches, as opposed to individually, usually about once a month.  So you will likely not be notified immediately upon applying.  (So please don’t panic if you don’t hear from us right away.)
  • Test server is confidential, and anything seen and heard on Test should not be publicized or discussed with non-testers.

We look forward to adding some sharp new eyes to our V&H Testing Team, and greatly appreciate those who are willing to help us improve the game!

If you are interested in being a V&H Playtester, please fill out this on-line registration form:

Villagers & Heroes Tester Application

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!