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We have a dedicated team of volunteer players who act as Game Moderators for Villagers & Heroes. These hard working individuals can be found on every server, and act to assist players with any help they might need. Game Moderators act as liaisons between players and management, and help to ensure that the rules and policies outlined in our Terms of Service are upheld within the game.

Your Game Moderators for Villagers & Heroes are:


  • Priest Daimheach
  • Karen Souldancer
  • Landenen
  • Dalmaria
  • Irish Elf

  • William Hououin
  • Impresario
  • Annaliese
  • Layla Littlenymph
  • Deri
  • Joolz (Mutsie)
  • Zero (BR)
  • Ventara

  • Rohana (BR)
  • Black Fairy (BR)
  • Hiram Abiff (SP)
  • Freya Sensei (SP)
  • Novha (SP)
  • Zero (BR)
  • IrishElf (ENG)
  • balanar 24812

  • Majenta
  • Ekimie
  • Mutsie
  • Danger Zone
  • Chrystal
  • Ashrelia

  • Merlinda
  • Patrine
  • Nekronos

All Game Moderators have characters on every server, and they frequently move between all of the servers to collectively ensure that coverage is adequately maintained within the game.

In addition to in-game moderators, two of the above individuals also act as Forum Moderators for Villagers & Heroes.

V&H Forum Moderators:
  • IrishElf
  • Majenta
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