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Berit, Notta Bricklayer, Sumida Gawa, Ephie
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My main is a 🎶bard 🌿 🏹nature hunter. I don't know if I'm typical player in this, but I tend to play the same line-up of notes skills in same order at the start of any battle and if the mob is still standing after the first verse run through, the chorus trinkets may change it up a little before I start in again.

How does your class play? I'm wondering for all classes, what do you hit when you first engage a boss (or do you just mash the buttons 'til deaded?)
So I'll start:
Nature Hunter - First/main line-up: Nature's Veil then Woodland Arrow, Concussion Shot, Poison Shot, Noxious Shot, Viper Sting if still standing, then some mashy combo of preparedness, nature's boon, main line-up minus Nature's Veil, and, if there are adds or he's a bad baddie I'll run in to him and Venom of the Serpent comes out.

If you're a nature, does yours differ? How do other classes play?