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Please email your submissions to: social@madottergames.com

What is Fan Friday?
Fan Friday is a weekly contest in Villagers & Heroes. It’s an opportunity for our amazingly talented player community to creatively express themselves in whatever manner they choose!

Original artwork, stories, poems, songs, sketches, videos, funny screenshots, memes, decorative cakes, operas, you name it! There are no limitations -- the only criteria is that it must relate to Villagers & Heroes.

We invite you to let your imaginations run wild! And you can even win some crowns doing it!

First Place:
150 Crowns
Second Place: 100 Crowns
Third Place: 75 Crowns

What is the criteria when judging?
  • Originality! (The more unique, creative, and personal the submissions, the better!)
  • Time and Effort! (We like to give crowns to those who clearly put a lot of work and thought into their entries)
  • Overall presentation.

The Rules
  • Fan Friday submissions must be emailed to: social@madottergames.com Please include your server, your in-game character name (spelled correctly), and the title of your entry, when submitting.
  • You may collaborate with another player on an entry. The winning crowns will be split between the two players. For entries with more than two collaborators, the submitter must clearly state which two players listed will receive the crowns.
  • Players may collaborate with players from different servers.
  • If you wish to gift your winning crowns to another player, that is permissible. Please just be sure to clearly state that in the email when submitting, and specify the player you are gifting.
  • In the event of a tie, all parties will receive the winning crowns.
  • Note: In the interest of fairness and because we want as many players to participate as possible, we will never award the same player first or second place two weeks in a row.
  • We keep an on-going pool of entries. This means that if your entry did not win the week you submitted it, it will very likely win in a later week.
  • You may submit more than one entry each week, however only one submission will have the chance to win that week.
  • The deadline each week for submissions is 9am PST/PDT on Fridays.

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