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What is a Royal Guardian of the Realm?
Think of them as being somewhat like guardian angels. They are players on every server who consistently go above and beyond in their efforts to help other players, or the game itself. They are people who, without being asked, generously go that extra mile, not for attention or praise, but simply out of an altruistic desire to be of service to their peers, to the devs, to the community as a whole, and to Villagers & Heroes.

We believe these unsung angels should be recognized. And, so, we created the title of Royal Guardians of the Realm as a way to honor these exceptional individuals in our game, and to show our appreciation to them.

Mad Otter, Neonga, and a team of over thirty game moderators collaboratively select these worthy individuals. There is no set time period as to when, or how often, Royal Guardians will be named. And in the interest of never allowing these appointments to devolve into a campaigning popularity contest, one which tends to bring out a spirit quite contradictory to the meaning of the title being bestowed, we no longer rely on nomination threads. Those threads have been removed and archived.

If there are players you feel are worthy for the tile of Royal Guardian, we encourage you to privately contact a game moderator on your server, and their names will absolutely be taken into consideration. Our goal is to maintain the integrity and meaning of the title of Royal Guardian, and we will strive to do just that.

So just what exactly does make a Royal Guardian? Well, to quote Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart back in 1964 when attempting to categorize that which lacks a clear definition and is largely based upon subjectivity: “I’ll know it when I see it.

But we do take into consideration such things as:
  • Players who consistently answer questions and go out of their way to help new players, generously give to others, or provide assistance whenever needed.
  • Players who volunteer their time to help with events, or organize contests themselves.
  • Exceptional testers -- those who go above and beyond, and spend countless hours helping us to improve the game.
  • Players who, though not testers, nonetheless assist the devs by devoting their own personal time towards helping us reproduce live bugs.
  • Players who have created fan sites, or videos, or contributed to the Wiki, or do livestreams, or are active on Reddit supporting our game.
  • Players who have volunteered their time helping us with translations.
  • And much, much, more….

If selected as a Royal Guardian, players will be contacted privately first to seek their permission. Needless to say, every player of course has the right to decline the title if they so choose.

If players do accept the award, they will be publicly announced within our game community. On our forums, they will be given a special tag delineating them as Royal Guardians. Additionally, Royal Guardians will receive the following prizes as thank you gifts for their service to the game:

  1. Royal Guardian Appearance Gnogpack (This outfit was created solely for Royal Guardians and cannot be found anywhere else in the game.)
  2. 1 Extra Vault Space
  3. 100 Crowns
  4. A Gift Bundle which includes: 2 Ultra Clockwork Harvesters, 5 sockets, 200 Motes of Yorick, and 1 Bounty Hunter’s Badge.

Cheers, and you can find all past recipients and the list which we continuously add to on this Royal Guardians of the Realm Roster.