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If you’re like me, an like playing and talking about MMOs, you surely listen to some other people talking about it.
Or maybe you would like to do so, but you don’t know where to look?

Here’s mine:

Nerd Slayer

Nerd Slayer is a Youtuber that likes to go very deep into the subject. Want to know the difference between Sandox and Theme park mmo? He made a video about that. Want to know why XYZ mmo failed ? He probably did a 30 minutes long video about why it failed.

He is also doing a very nice weekly podcast talking about all sort of stuff mmo related.


They are doing a weekly podcast about the biggest news that happend in the MMO world, and they cover a lot of F2P games. They’re great, highly recommended.


It’s a irl couple that tried pretty much every mmo they can come across. I just enjoy their personalities, the videos are always super funny !


This guy keeps the hype alive. That’s all I am going to say.

Those guys own the famous website. I don’t like they’re news format, but they’re doing a really great weekly podcast.


Those people are focusing on how to Role-Play in MMOs.
They’re very interesting to listen to, and quite funny.

Honorable mentions :


The LazyPeon

Mica Does Stuff

What about you?
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