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Hi, Everyone,

We know the recent build with the Vale changes has been difficult for many -- the bugs, the deaths, a fair amount of turmoil. We hope the hot fixes which were just applied will smooth out the Vale now, and make the Event Zone a more enjoyable place for all players, which was always our goal.

As a thank you for your patience and support during this time, we’d like to give you all a few special goodies!

For the next 5 days, all players will receive the following items:
  • 20 Tears of Vesesia
  • 2 Full Heals
  • 2 Full Manas

*Please note: The Tears are soulbound, so you will want to be sure to log onto the character who you’d like most to have them. Our system automatically distributes them to all players who are in game at the time, once the button is pressed so to speak. For this reason, I will run a system message 15 minutes prior to distributing the gifts, so players will have the opportunity to log onto different toons if desired.

(For players not in-game, the news feed on the character select screen will alert them.)

Thanks again, Everyone, for your patience during this time! :)


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Thank you very much.

Also a message from a mobile BR player:
[Looking][Nox Necromancer]: please Rishi, say in our names a thank you, for these that don't have forum's account (play only on mobile )
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very much appreciated the HP and Mana pots those almost always come in handy
Just truly TRULY wish the tears were not soulbound. They did not make the adjustment too well, sorry


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Thank you, both for the gifts and for the thoughtfulness. :)
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