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The V&H Discord is a fan-made platform where players from all servers can congregate and engage in friendly banter. Expect interesting polls, entertaining events and useful announcements regarding the latest V&H news.

Discord is a free application that is available on the following platforms:
  1. PC client download here.
  2. Quick-join the server on your browser by clicking here.
  3. Mobile users can download the Discord app via their device's app-store

Our server address is https://discord.gg/NRxBzgn


Kinda wondering but does each server have their own discord server?


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Hey everyone!

For the past week I have been working on an overhaul of the V&H Discord server. Lots of new features have been added and many more are on the way.

Welcome Page

The entire Welcome or Landing Page has been redone using markdown syntax highlighting. This creates a more colorful page which will hopefully result in more players reading the information. Note, that syntax highlighting on Discord is still in the works for mobile devices.

Roles Page

The roles page is entirely new and contains a list of the various roles you may come across on the server. Not only that, but players can utilize a feature from one of our brand new bots known as reaction roles. This allows players to self-assign and self-remove their own server roles! No more manual labor for the officers and admin! As you can see we've had players self-assign over 370 roles this past week. That would've been 370 roles manually assigned by players without this feature.

Now, when a new player joins the server, they will only see these two channels. Once they've read the information and assigned themselves a role, they will automatically gain access to the global and server-specific channels

We also have a new Game Mod role! In-Game Mods can opt in to receiving this role, and they can be pinged whenever an in-game issue crops up.

Resources Page

The resources channel also got hit with the syntax highlighting buff. Looking crisp and structured!


With the addition of the new change-log channel, players can follow along as updates are made on the server. This is also an easy and organized way for me to keep track of past changes.


Meet Poll-Master, our brand new poll bot! This bot enables me to create quick polls with advanced settings, such as custom options, choice limitations, anonymous voting and more! All in all it's a great tool that saves a lot of time. It also keeps a live count of the votes so others can track progress.

Server Sections

Based on popular request, each server now has their own individual section. Only players who have that server's role assigned will be able to view the contents of this section. For now, each server has an info, announcements, events, chat and voice chat channel. Adjustments may be made depending upon how things play out.

Server Info

Players can head to their server's info channel for some quick key details about the server. It'll include a list of Mods, Committee members and also a Guild List! This final addition is a work in progress, but eventually it will contain a list of Guilds (who wish to be listed) and some data about them, such as their leader, village, requirements etc. This will be a great source of information for new players since there is no in-game Guild board.

Event Scheduling Bot

This brand new bot may just be my favorite. It allows me to create events on the fly in my own private channel and send them to whichever server's channel they belong to. Users provide the data, and I simply copy and paste it into a formatted command and voila! This bot can also handle rsvp's, links, images, announcements, reminders and more!

Giveaway Bot

This new bot will handle lotteries and other fun events for the members of the server. Come on down to win cool prizes!

A LOT More!

Additional features are still on their way. An Activity bot which will track and reward members who are actively participating in Discord chat. A trivia bot as well as other fun games. Streamer and Youtuber friendly bots that will automatically track and post their V&H related content from youtube or twitch! A Newsfeed role which users can join if they wish to get pings regarding various V&H game related news. Much more is still in the planning stages as well, so I won't give that away :)

Hop on down to the server and chat with your fellow players! Feel free to provide feedback as well


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The Discord server was already awesome, in its' former state. Now, it's even BETTER! I'm so happy that Discord is able to grow with us and adapt to our needs, helping to improve the tools that build our community across the game servers. :D


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Hi all, I would just like to add that using Discord can be done using only web browsers (its 90% same as the desktop app), works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium and Vivaldi, maybe few others. I have only tested this on Linux Mint, Fedora Workstation and MacOS, not sure about Windows 10 or 11 (what ever the latest version is), but I am 99% most browsers and operating systems can use Discord from the web browser. Alex
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