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Do you have fun playing the Villagers and Heroes game? Making new friends? Would you like to have the support of a long standing guild? We are a well respected guild family on US Server 1 and love to add new members that love the game as much as we do. Our guild was established in the Fall of 2013 and our guild maintains most of the same Officers that we had from that time! I think that says a lot about our Guild. We also have a place for your alts if/when you have any of those too in our Emerald and Amethyst Dragon Alt Guilds. We have a fully upgraded Sapphire Dragon Village that warmly welcomes new Dragons! Is that you? We currently have openings in our fun loving and laid back Guild. Would you be interested in joining the Sapphire Dragon family? We are currently only taking new guild members whom are fluent in both speaking and understanding English. Contact, Wait, the Guild Leader, on US Server 1, for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Always be yourself, unless you can be a Dragon! Roar!