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Planetary can u please stop dc ing haha stupid fun when u get The Whole of team 8 on voice chat


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The citizens of Ardent grow restless. With the departure of Sugarsweet there is a clear void in their entertainment, and the Event Committee is already busy planning a mysterious activity for all servers to partake in. In the meantime, the peasants clamor for games of glory and violence! Farming and production have ground to a halt as they riot in the towns for diversions from their mundane tasks. The Royal Organizer himself was ripped out of the Castle's safety and thrown into the streets. The citizens demanded, and he complied. They called for blood and he vowed its abundance. They wished to see who among the Protectors of the Realm were most worthy. Who could stand against the vile hoards within the Dungeons? How would they fare when challenging the powerful foes who lay fuming within, waiting for an opportunity to extract vengeance against their captors? They asked, and he delivered, and thus the games were born.

... And thus your fate was sealed.

The Tournament of Champions - Register Here

You there, hero! By Royal Decree you have been drafted to take part in the Tournament of Champions! What is this you ask? Why, merely the grandest competition to bless the Realms! Win honor and glory for your Village and Guild through trial by combat. Compete against other teams with the same victory in mind, and lay waste to their dreams while fulfilling your own. How does it work? Why I'll tell you of course, fret not!

This Tournament will pit teams against one another within Heroic Halls of Salvation in a race for points. Whichever team ends up accumulating the greatest number of points, will claim the prizes! A rather simple concept in theory, but difficult to execute in practice.

Teams will be created for you, so you do not need to form your own. Simply sign up and you will be placed within a team. The teams will be balanced with a variety of level ranges and roles.

How do you earn points?
Points are rewarded through a number of objectives:
  • Overall Completion time
  • Number of deaths
  • More coming soon...
Once every team has finished their run, all the scores are tallied and the team with the most points wins!

What are the requirements?
So long as you have access to Heroic Halls of Salvation and are level 25 or above, you may participate.

What are the rules and regulations?
There are only a few standard rules to comply with:
  • Do not interfere with another team's run
  • Zingara are not allowed
  • No Darrig potions
  • More may come soon...
What are the dates and deadlines?
Here is a brief run-down of our schedule. There are currently 4 different timeslots that participants can sign up for. Hopefully this will allow players from any time-zone an opportunity to compete. Teams will be assigned a timeslot, and meet in Heroic Halls for their run at the given time.
Registration opens!

Here is your chance to participate in a once in a lifetime contest which may very well cost you your life!
Registration Ends!

For those brave enough to compete, you do us proud. Luck be with you!
Timeslot 1:7 PM EDTTimeslot 2: 12 PM EDT
Timeslot 3: 9 PM EDT
Timeslot 4: 5 PM EDT
How do we sign up?

Players will sign up through the following registration form

What are the prizes?
You can expect your team to be showered with riches beyond compare should you come out on top. Please rejoice, and bless your patrons the Otters for their generosity!

The winning team will earn the following:
  • 100 Crowns
  • 5 Keys of the Red Darrig
  • 5 Sockets
Participants will also be rewarded with a participation prize for their efforts! This will be a Key of the Red Darrig anf Socket!

Well, have I sold you? Is your interest firmly within my possession? Excellent, excellent. In that case, what are you waiting for? Sign Up! Are there any other questions or concerns you would like me to address?

How serious is this?
This is all for fun of course! Friendly competition. Toxicity and bad-sportsmanship is fiercely prohibited.

Do you have to be high level / well geared?
So long as you meet the requirements listed above, you are able to enter. The peasants would like to see a wide and diverse candidate pool. So lower levels are more than welcome! Please, do not let your level nor gear dissuade you from joining in on the fun.

Is signing up a commitment? What if I have to cancel?
So long as you have not signed up as a leader, it is alright if you are unable to make it. While we do encourage participants to try to arrive in time for their run, we understand that pressing concerns may draw them elsewhere. This is why we will ensure each team has a redundant set of healers and tanks!

Do I have to be a tank to lead?
No! So long as you are comfortable leading the zone, you can opt in for a leadership role. You can be any class / role. Leaders are essential in order for this Tournament to work.

I have never completed the Dungeon before, can I still join?
Once again, so long as you meet the criteria (level 25 and access to Heroic Halls), then you are most definitely welcome to join.

Can I sign up with multiple characters?
Only one character per account is allowed entry.

Can I show up impromptu?
Yes, you can. Although this will not guarantee you a slot on the team, if a member of the team fails to arrive, players from the crowd will be selected to take their place.


I tried to create balanced teams based on who signed up for each time-slot. It wasn't particularly easy, because there were cases where we had missing tanks, healers or heavy hitters. But the community came through and over 100 players signed up! This made it possible to create teams with similar composition of at least 1 leader, 2 tanks, 2 healers and a 5 DPS. Some have more, but those minimums were met across the board.

Below are the teams for the Tournament. Each Timeslot has 2 teams, meaning that one team will begin, and the other will start about 10 - 15 minutes afterwards.

If I hear anyone complaining about their team or individual team-members they will be barred from future tournaments.

Team 1: Friday - 7 PM EDT
  1. Uncle Meng - Lead / DPS
  2. Stenlar - Tank
  3. Faisalkhan - Tank
  4. Darthlord - Tank
  5. Tweetybird - Healer
  6. Sir Moe - Healer
  7. 我是涛哥 - DPS
  8. 逆风飞扬 - DPS
  9. Tonny1110 - DPS
  10. 九亿少女dream - DPS
  11. Flowlo - DPS
  12. Cannyar Coldmoon - DPS
  13. Tiffa - DPS
  14. Ragnar Lodbroke - DPS
Team 2: Friday - 7:15 PM EDT
  1. Taryn Maplehusk - Lead / DPS
  2. Hugghis Valgosa - Tank
  3. Actinus13 - Tank
  4. Mystic River - Healer
  5. Impressario - Healer
  6. Wavechild - Healer
  7. Fire 乄 神 - DPS
  8. Belles Helles - DPS
  9. 竖子如斯 - DPS
  10. Sapienwaye - DPS
  11. Secret Ringo - DPS
  12. Odd Ostrich - DPS
  13. Ajax Ghita - DPS
Team 3: Saturday - 12 PM EDT
  1. Mayweda - Lead / DPS
  2. MissMischief - Lead / Healer
  3. Jumanjii - Tank
  4. Lenzil - Tank
    1. Damama (Sub)
  5. Ivy Blossom - Healer
  6. Old Man Sage - Healer
  7. Ayiani - Healer
  8. Diddle - DPS
  9. Annaliese - DPS
  10. Toughkitty - DPS
  11. Coffie - DPS
  12. Darkfall - DPS
  13. Cupids Bow - DPS
  14. Clonkie - DPS
Team 4: Saturday - 12:15 PM EDT
  1. Sariah - Lead / DPS
  2. Bashadrake - Tank
  3. Baddream - Tank
    1. Talia (Sub)
  4. Larena - Healer
  5. IWon - Healer
  6. Eusebios - Healer
  7. Leisa - DPS
  8. Freezex - DPS
  9. Rinika - DPS
  10. Dranoels - DPS
  11. Math Fish - DPS
  12. Hiffy - DPS
  13. Sundari - DPS
  14. Gabi Rose - DPS
    1. Ziva (Sub)
Team 5: Saturday - 9 PM EDT
  1. Orla - Lead / DPS
  2. Hallee - Tank
  3. Sirbabo - Tank
  4. UndercoverEel - Tank
  5. Memosync - Healer
  6. Vittoria Vixen - Healer
  7. Amaranth1e - Healer
  8. Katie4567 - DPS
  9. Katniss Everdeen - DPS
  10. Shyama - DPS
  11. Rait - DPS
  12. Kalkilgest - DPS
  13. Sailiz - DPS
Team 6: Saturday - 9:15 PM EDT
  1. Leinad Ironwolf - Lead / DPS
  2. Laurella - Tank
  3. Ioperamide - Tank
  4. Meecan - Healer
  5. Tamjuju - Healer
  6. Princess Unicorn - Healer
  7. Allmightysmiter - Healer
  8. Iseabail - DPS
  9. Teth - DPS
  10. Magnes - DPS
  11. Shoel8aces - DPS
  12. Reas On - DPS
  13. Khitti - DPS
Team 7: Sunday - 5 PM EDT
  1. King Sofiene - Lead / DPS
  2. Dawl Roah - Tank
  3. No Moe Heals - Tank
  4. Jenmack - Healer
  5. Aria Remus - Healer
  6. Randolph Freedom - DPS
  7. Popcorne - DPS
  8. Firebird - DPS
  9. Glaceon2 - DPS
  10. Loxana - DPS
  11. Jolon - DPS
  12. Vhaeraun - DPS
  13. Igneel Dragneel - DPS
Team 8: Sunday - 5:15 PM EDT
  1. Jeffmack - Lead / Tank
  2. Alectors - Tank
  3. Planetary - Healer
  4. Lord Shiva - Healer
  5. Dezmonyc - Healer
  6. Unstable Pyro - DPS
  7. Rufi0 - DPS
  8. Annie Oakley - DPS
  9. Shlarby - DPS
  10. Zzyxx - DPS
  11. Lyzi - DPS
  12. Amuse - DPS
  13. Xerkxes - DPS
  14. Andral - DPS


Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Event! I was very happy to see teams sharing strategies and setting up practice sessions with each other prior to their run. It was great to see new friendships formed. Thanks to the leaders who stepped up and organized their groups and to the subs who filled in for those who were unable to attend. This wouldn't have been possible without everyone!

I hope each team had a blast regardless of the outcome! In the future, if there is enough interest for another instance of this event we will tweak balancing and points. Now without further adieu, the results!

Results were based on time of completion and number of unique deaths. Time should be within +- 5 seconds of accuracy. Please let me know if you feel I have any values incorrect. I started my timer as soon as I saw the Team lead accept the quest and begin the run. Each death will add 15 seconds of time to the result.
TeamTimeDeathsFinal Result
22 minutes 15 seconds
2 = +30s
22 minutes 45 seconds
20 minutes 50 seconds
6 = +1m 30s
22 minutes 20 seconds
22 minutes 22 seconds
1 = +15s
22 minutes 37 seconds
28 minutes 53 seconds
1 = +15s
29 minutes 8 seconds
24 minutes 45 seconds
1 = +15s
25 minutes
27 minutes 10 seconds
3 = +45s
27 minutes 55 seconds
22 minutes 40 seconds
4 = +1m
23 minutes 40 seconds
29 minutes 40 seconds
1 = +15s
29 minutes 55 seconds

Now the winning teams from First place on!
  1. Team 2
  2. Team 3
  3. Team 1
  4. Team 7
  5. Team 5
  6. Team 6
  7. Team 4
  8. Team 8
Congratulations, prizes will be sent out soon and please keep an eye out for the survey later today.
What survey????????????????????


Faisalkhan, Sultan, 3 More!
I wanna Say Congratulations to Team 2 For Winning the Tournament!
I am Surprisingly shocked how team to Manage to finish it Quickly But they got 6 Deaths! Which still lead them in 1st place.
Top 3 Teams is very close in Timing.
But I wanna Thank you So Much Valyant for doing this Tournament.
If we lose or if we win But at least we Had Fun and We put lot of Effort into Dungeon Run. 😀

Edit: I also Wanna Say Thank you Otter for sponsoring This Tournament.

Thank you Again and Peace.


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Foju, Foju Jr
cool, i might be a month too late for this event as i just started playing V&H 2 weeks ago, but i hope there will be this kind of event again in the near future, even as a non participant, reading it is just as exciting

Lucas Crowalker

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Please repeat this event, I am so sad I missed it!


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Please repeat this event, I am so sad I missed it!
This event was on US3. Judging by your badge you play on US1 which may not be the best place for Dungeon themed events. That being said, I do plan to run this event every 2 months on US3.

Lucas Crowalker

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Lucas Crowalker, Lucas Dragonheart, Lucas Pheonixfire
Oh! Luckily, I made a character on US3