Sarah Otter

Mad Otter Games
Hello, Everyone,

This is a reminder that account sharing in this game is a violation of ToS.

This is a standard policy for most games, and not unique to V&H. Why? Because when players share accounts, it means other people can delete your characters, make unwanted purchases on your credit card, change passwords and lock you out of your account, go in-game and wreak havoc in an effort to malign your reputation, and the list goes on and on of what can happen when players share accounts.

Game companies should not have to arbitrate any of it, which is why account sharing is not allowed.

So this is a reminder to all V&H players that logging into one another’s accounts is indeed a violation of our ToS, as is having multiple accounts. And our new ban tech is such now that our system automatically detects both of the above.

So for any of you who might not have been aware of this policy, or perhaps had forgotten it, now you know.

Thanks, all!
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