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It is not mandatory to rebirth, all zones are available thru to cap. The guide written in this thread will give you information to make an informed choice as to how you choose to participate in rebirthing. Read and decide which way and how many rebirths fit your play style. There is no right or wrong way, just the way that you feel most comfortable with. Happy rebirth day 😊
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Option 5 rebirth# blight bay efficient: So The most Efficient way in blight bay is to hold the last 90 rb till lvl 94/95.

Usually people would do this When you get to blight bay at lvl 90 you do one quest and be giving lvl 90 fragments and 500 blight bay meds. Most rb at these stage since you come back and get the same amount (all quests reset).

However, Hold till lvl 94/95, use the first meds to get the blight bay shield, then invest in cinder meds. Then unlock the chapter quest from npc. At chapters 4, 10, 14, 20 you get a total of 2000 blight bay meds. You build up rep in areas that gives you free meds. At 100 rep I had a lot of meds giving from the side quests.

After a while you ll get to a point At lvl 95 or 94 to 2 or 1 islands left out of the 8. Great time to do the 90 rb since everything resets!! Everything, including rep that you get back at lvl 93 with more meds, and make sure to get the quest line again at rye, to get back at blight for lvl 90.

The rep is where people say no don’t do it you ll lose it. Trust me on this it’s worth losing that vs this way to get meds at the same rate.

Just did it, and at lvl 92 with 5 rbs I had all islands unlocked and at lvl 93 all the quest line completed and then ready for lvl 95 elders. I also did the 90 rb at lvl 91 on another toon and regret it! Took so long to gather meds, and didn’t take advantage of the free meds handing out.
It’s a suggestion for efficiency.
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