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The Naked Spooky Run!

Alrighty, people, you rocked this contest earlier in the year, let’s see how you do this time around in a spookier zone, at the top of which lurks a certain ghostly prison! While Halloween might be all about dressing up, we’re asking you to dress down -- all the way down! It’s time to haunt other servers with, you guessed it, giant naked flash mobs!

Each server has the chance to earn free gifts for every single player on their server by running to the top of, and back down again, the always eerie zone of Cronk Island on a different server than your own. You must haunt Gallyfern prison by running all the way around it in as scary a fashion as you can!

The more players in your spooky naked flash mob, the greater number of gifts you can earn for your server!

Assigned Servers:
  • US1 will go to EU1 Cronk Island
  • EU1 will go to US2 Cronk Island
  • US2 will go to US1 Cronk Island
  • US3 will go to EU2 Cronk Island
  • EU2 will go to US3 Cronk Island

How It Works

Each server must organize themselves to get as many players as possible together at the same time to visit their assigned server. So if you don’t have a character on your assigned server, you will need to make one! Once on Cronk Island, the ‘mob’ of players must get naked down to their undies, run all the way up to Gallyfern prison and around it, then back down to the shoreline of the island, where you will take a group screenshot.

The amount of gifts which can be earned for each server is based upon the number of players in the naked flash mob. And since you all proved to us last time just how well you can do this, we’ve increased the challenge this time around!

  • Mob of 20 players = 1 gift (Must have a minimum of 20)
  • Mob of 21 - 40 players = 2 gifts
  • Mob of 41 - 60 players = 3 gifts
  • Mob of 61 - 80 players = 4 gifts
  • Mob of 81 to 100 players = 5 gifts
  • Mob of 101 or more players = 6 gifts

The Rules
  • Screenshots are required. A designated player must post a screenshot of the naked flash mob, and clearly state the number of players who participated. When posting here on this forum thread, please include the following:
    • The server you are representing
    • The server you visited
    • The number of players in the flash mob
    • Your main character name on your own server
    • The name of your character on the server you visited
  • There is no limit to the number of attempts at this. Each server can do it as many times as they like. When the contest closes, we will take the entry with the highest number of players in the mob for each server.
  • This contest will close on: Monday, November 1st at: 9am PDT/ 12pm EDT/ 17:00 CET/ 16:00 UTC

Please keep in mind that this is not a server versus server competition, but a challenge in which all servers can be winners! So cheer each other on, get naked, get spooky, and have some fun! :D Good luck, Everyone!

Allison Wonderland

Royal Guardian
  1. PC
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US3 Neeked on EU2
24 Up
24 Down
TweetyBird whysitSpicy Prince Pisces JaytalUS3 Morphlingling
Brayis US3 BobbyJo Magia Mo Sirae hallowed US3
Anzeq Magia Mo Celestoria Angelica Cruebitten
Basha Drake Fatal970xUS3 Blitze wayward wave Teviot
Rinka Avara AJMann Juma3

Let's do this again.. tomorrow and beyond!


Kilgharrah, Gwayne, Sylvaena, GeraltOfArdent
  1. iOS
US2 naked run on US1, first attempt: 23 participants in Cronk Island. Everyone in guild list (formed for this event) was online for the whole run. (My toon name there is Achlys. I took guild list shot well after the fact.)

Allison Wonderland

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Well 4th time's a charm..US3 Naked run on EU German....
103 Naked runner
TweetyBird on US3 and TweetyBird on EU German

dots 1.jpg
We raided EZ and it popped a hop 2 (and all the flashers Flashed)

But the big question is "How did you count all of those people?"
We tried counting people but that didn't work
We asked everyone to emote but that didn't work
We asked everyone to get into lines but that didn't work
So we made everyone join then counted our list. (now I am not the smart one who figured that out).
Other have sweet screen shots I hope will share.

Sarah Otter

Mad Otter Games
Hi, Everyone,

Once again, congratulations to all of the servers! You all were winners, and no one is coming away empty handed. We so enjoyed watching all of you come together, and having some fun with this. 😊

Gifts will be distributed later today.

Some Things To Know About The Gifts:
  • They will be available to one character per account
  • They will be available for three days (72 hours)
  • The gifts are soulbound
  • Any player who is in-game at the time of gift distribution, will automatically receive the gifts on whichever character they happen to be on. So we will provide a 15 minute in-game warning prior to distributing them, so that players can log out, or swap toons.
  • If you were not in-game at the time of distribution, the first character you log into will be the one which automatically receives the gifts. We will put that info on the news feed.

Thanks, Everyone, and great work, all servers! :D