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can you please fix respawn timer! it's really messed up, you know some people can't stay always online in game just to stare at the monitor and wait for the boss to respawn, so we don't missed it bcoz timer is broken.


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Also can we gather a 10 minute cool down on character recharge for the ez, have to wait like 4 hours to get 1 toon in now


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I don't know if it was officially mentioned somewhere, but of a couple of days The Haunted Moors event zone spawned the second (and third) hop at 40 players instead of the usual 60.

While initially it was very confusing, it was a welcome change as it reduced the lag in the zone significantly*. Now, since a couple of days, the limit is back again at it's original 60.

Could we have the limit lowered back to 40, once the bounty reset timers have been adjusted, please?

* I did not have the time or the tools to actually measure, but the game felt more fluid and the other players toons weren't just displayed mid-fight as idle, mounted spectators.