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The Angry Bard is primarily a support build that empowers allies through war cries while also dealing a fair amount of damage. If you enjoy doing group content and supporting your fellow players, this build is definitely for you. Do note however that I only recommend running this build end game and only if you focus on doing group content. While it can clear all solo content without issues a normal fury dps build is better suited for leveling and clearing any kind of solo content.

- The strongest support build for warriors
- Tons of buffs to enhance team DPS and survivability
- Decent single target and AoE DPS

- Click intensive (you gonna be using feats almost non stop)
- Mana intensive
- Optimal for group content, but less so for solo
- Sacrifices DPS for utility

The Build
1) Weapon

We'll be using a Greatsword with Strength of Arms (Your Masteries are increased and both your Cooldown Rate and Haste are increased by 10%). This is vital, due to the Cool Down Rate, as it allows us to upkeep our buffs on our team without any downtime.

2) Origin
enchantStormhold.jpgStormhold: Reduces the Mana costs of feats and spells by 12% while also adding a flat +500 Mana points bonus. My personal choice as it improves your Mana management quite a bit.

TenchantThorncrest.jpghorncrest: Boosts your Critical Chance by +4% and your Critical Damage by +25%. This option offers quite a bit more DPS compared to Stormhold but you will need to drink some extra Mana potions. Pick this if you are willing to manage Mana through consumables even more for higher DPS.

3) Talents (120 points)
If you got 5 Rebirths you can put the last 5 points anywhere (I prefer Heart of the Mountain for a bit extra Mana management).

4) Feats
Weapon/Talent Feats: Frenzied Strike, Phoenix Strike, Griffin Strike, Raging Blow, Dragon Strike, Invigorate, Rally, Battle Cry

Extra Feat Slot(Weapon): Whirlwind (AoE prefer) / Slash (Single target prefer)

Necklace Feat: Turn the Tide

Bracer Feat: Explosive Anger

Trinket Feats: Brutal Force, Zephyr's Enclave

Pick Whirlwind as your final weapon feat if you mostly do raids and 95 elders, or socket Slash in if Rift and EZ runs are your main content. Otherwise you can also have 2 sets of weapon and switch them depending on the content. It's also an option to ditch Rally and pick both (you can upkeep all other war cry buffs with high enough CDR even without Rally) which results in a higher dps setup.

5) Stats
Masteries: Try to get around 65-70% Fury Power (with talents) to empower most of our feats.
Armor/Magic resist: ~30-40% without relic boost. Glory will boost you further which should be enough for any kind of content.
Vitality: ~180k-200k Health without boosts. As you aren't meant to tank, it should be enough for AoE damage or DoTs you might sustain.
Vigor: No need to invest into this at all, offers no benefit to this (or any) build.
Intellect: Food buff is enough for this one ,or a tiny boost only.
Will: 15-20 Mana / sec in combat regen is ideal.
Clarity: Aim for 15-20% Mana Efficiency without the Stormhold origin buff (27-35% ME with it).
Haste: 20-25% Attack speed, without buffs. Frenzied Strike will offer a big bump to this stat so it’s not a huge issue if it’s not super high by itself.
Expertise: 50-60% CDR with relic boost, probably the most important of all the stats, as it lets you use your feats more often, triggering war cry bonus effects more frequently.
Savagery: 18% Crit Chance without any boosts, for decent amount of critical hits.
Brutality: ~170% Crit Damage, without any boosts to improve the damage of our crits.

6) Epic Stats/Glyphs

Glory: By far the best epic stat to have. Great boost to offense and defense. When it’s a possible stat roll on a gear, you want it. Aim for at least 4% offense and 7% defense boost per stack.
Poise: Amazing in group (with a healer) a bit rougher in solo, Poise offers a decent permanent damage boost to our damaging feats and extra buffing power for our war cries. Try to aim for 12-13% Ability Power.
Flux: Works well in any setting and it boosts our Ability Power just like the other Primary epic stats. Try to aim for 12-13% Ability Power at least.


Onslaught/Voidstrike/Juggernaut: All of these offer some extra damage to our build. It’s more of a personal choice how much of each of these you’d want. Onslaught is good as it increases total damage and is a guaranteed activation every fight, but only at the start. Void Strike and Juggernaut can proc (5% chance) any time during a fight, with Void Strike being stronger against heavily armored enemies and Juggernaut hitting harder against the less defensive ones.


Berserk/Blasting /Lifesteal: Having a bit of these is fine, but as a DPS you shouldn't get hit too often so you can't really capitalize on their true value.
Shielding: Never ever.
Magic Find: If you don't mind sacrificing some damage and looking for gear upgrades, Magic Find is a good alternative to any tertiary or secondary epic stat.

7) Relics
Bitter chalice / Ember Chalice (Swamp / Orla's Veldt):
Bitter Chalice boosts our haste and its active ability (Rage) is a great damage boost, however you gotta use it carefully as it will stun you at its end. A more safer and AoE option is Ember Chalice, boosting Juggernaut while its active is an AoE DoT. Both picks are decent, so go with whichever feels better for your playstyle.
Book of the Dead/Grimoire of Fire/Book of Songs (Cloister / Orla's Veldt / Rookery): Grimoire of Fire is the optimal pick here, at least damage wise, especially since it's cooldown was reduced by a lot lately. But if you feel that you could use a bit more Mana boost or you are a fellow Mo fan, Book of the Dead it is. If you feel like going even more support style Book of Songs offer some Mana regen and an AoE healing feat (albeit kinda weak).
Grim lantern (Cloister): A sweet boost to movement speed and Flux.
Primal Flute/Shrill Flute (Woods / Rookery): Primal Flute offers aCDR boost, and a nice little active feat to go along with it. It should be your main pick. However if you feel like you got enough CDR without it, Shrill Flute is an interesting alternative, offering a 10 second armor/magic resist debuff feat, which can further reinforce our support role.
Mirror of Echoes (Rookery): Poise boost, and we love Poise.
Crimson Mask (Palace): Glory boost, and an extra summon ability for some more damage.
Red Crown (Palace): Crit chance boost and also give an AoE dps/stun feat.

8) Blight Enchants
The goal of Blight enchants is to make up for potential bad stat rolls on gear. And as such try to get those stat numbers up a bit. The potential picks: Vitality (Blood)/Magic Resist (Death)/Haste (Ash)/Will (Shade) for necklace and rings. For trinkets Flux (Jacinda) or if it is already quite high, then Juggernaut (Baldok).

9) Consumables
- Mana potion (for all your Mana needs)
- Brunch/Fish Fillet/Mana Roll (all useful stat boost, no reason not to use them)

- Drams: Malice (Dps boost) / Liberty (Stun heavy encounters) / Mastery (Support focus) / Treasure (Gear hunting)
- Extra ones (if you willing to farm or can buy): Scornyx (restores Mana and offers amazing Mana management stats) / Gralla Seeds (extra Mastery = extra effectiveness)

10) Fabled Gear

At the moment I wouldn't recommend running Fabled pieces for this build. The only one that could potentially have some worth (granted you use Slash) is going 2 piece Ravager set, but only if you do not lose any primary glyphs for it.

11) Rotation
Basically the build boils down to two different tasks. The main one is upkeeping the buffs from War Cries and fishing for the bonus effects of Morale Boost (Invigorate), Savage (Turn the Tide), Inspired (Battle Cry) (Rally's Lightning Shield is not very important, as its effect is almost always useless). Invigorate will also restore 100-500 Mana depending on how many players are around you, so use it for some Mana restore as well. Ideally try to keep all 3 or 4 War Cry buffs on 100% of the time and do dps in between. For dps keep your DoTs (Griffin Strike + Slash) on the target, so your other feats will deal extra damage and buff your attack speed with frenzied strike.

12) Extra tips and tricks

a) When both Brutal Force and Zephyr's Enclave is up, always use Brutal Force first, then Zephyr's Enclave to reduce its cooldown by 40%.
b) In raids due to the dungeoneering power boost, all your war cries (save for Battle Cry) will become a lot more powerful.
c) Invigorate is our strongest War Cry and its bonus effect (-20% remaining cooldown on feats) is potentially the strongest too. Be sure to keep spamming it!
d) Turn the Tide is also great, especially if your teammates have a good amount of Crit Chance. Its bonus effect Savage, is a strong dps burst.
e) Rally, especially in raids is capable of turning non tanky setups quite tanky, and that is where it truly shines.
f) Battle Cry is sadly fairly weak, it is most powerful with not well geared players, but even there it is a minimal ability power boost. Its bonus effect, Inspired however is useful when running around.

If you found this guide useful feel free to check out my other works!

Lucas Crowalker

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Thanks for this guide! I will be using it for my new fury warrior I created.
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Just wanted to say thank you for posting this guide. I love playing bard/minstrel classes and even though we don't have one here specifically, this is a great close 2nd! Running this now with my new character!
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Any thoughts on running this now? Still seems viable to me even though the guide is outdated.


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It still works (especially for group content), and can offer even better support than before (but also being more mana intensive). Some of the info is wrong, since talents, feats were changed, but otherwise you can use it as a base. I might tidy it up later this week
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