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Hi Everyone :)

As you probably know, we introduced a bug with the last patch that capped Dungeoneering benefits at level 30 (instead of level 50), which can lead to a 20% reduction in benefits.

We will push a fix for that with the next week or two, however, in the meantime:

We pushed a temporary playbalance adjustment for Raids at Gold tier and above that reduces enemy damage and health by 20%. This should make Raids easier.

Best, Damon


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I just want to say how enjoyable raids are now. Before the changes, it was like pulling hen's teeth to get enough folks to raid... now we easily fill one within minutes and often don't have room for everyone who wants in.

They are, in a word, FUN!

Before, they were frustrating and really no fun at all... I only did them for the mount.

Please, please don't make them so difficult that nobody wants to do them again... They are do-able now... not too difficult and certainly not so easy that they are boring. Strategy and teamwork are required and flourishing with these changes.

There are still some tweaks that are needed, but you are well aware of those by now. Thank you so much for listening and implementing changes that made me a very happy raider indeed!



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So it seems that Dungeoneering is down another 20% luckily I have came up with a solution. I noticed every time the scaling for raids is adjusted we lose 20% so this time all we need to do is drop the total health by another 40% to compensate. Alternatively it might be better to look back at the health 2 raid scaling adjustments ago and drop it by 60% of that.


Did you know that the raid buff only increases basic health?And the basic health at level 95 is 50k.Normal players at level 95 have 200k hp,tanks have 350k hp.And imagine if you increase the base health buff, then it is very small and funny. xDThe warrior's Battle Cry adds 100k hp.This is 200% of the base health.Is the warrior's cry so much better than the raid buff? xD