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Hi, Everyone,

Many of you have been wondering about the status of the Sugarsweet Event Zone, which, under normal circumstances, would have arrived around Valentine’s Day back in February. But instead a little something else happened on Valentine’s Day which caused a certain amount of upheaval, to say the least, in all of our plans and schedules for the rest of the year.

In short: There will be no Sugarsweet Event Zone this year. Regretfully, we have officially decided to cancel it. We had still hoped that we might be able to pull it off, but it simply is not possible. We’ve chosen instead to put all of our attention and energies into the upcoming expansion so that it can still be released before summer.

We do not enjoy canceling event zones, so please know that this decision was not made lightly. We do hope you can understand, and greatly appreciate it if you can.

BUT we’d still like to try to make it up to you in some small way if we can, which is why we’re putting together a little something called the Spring Fling. Though the Sugarsweet Zone might not be in the game, some of the characters who dwell in that pink candied land will be sneaking out and paying visits to all of the servers. They will have full bags laden with free sugary gifts and goodies, and will be distributing them to players everywhere. Additionally, get ready for some crazy fun forum contests with fantastic prizes! (We will also be temporarily adding a Sugarsweet section to the item shop.)

Again, we regret having to cancel the event zone this year and really do appreciate your patience and understanding about this.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the Spring Fling announcement coming in the next few days! :)


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I am sorry to hear this, i started at tail end of equinox event last year so havnt been to sugar sweet yet. So its probably easy for me to say i would rather see the expansion soon, so thank you for all your efforts and difficult decisions.


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Sorry to see no Sugarsweet, but totally understand why:) I had a feeling something had to give in your catchup. Looking forward to seeing the pop up characters and very excited and rather nosy about the expansion xx Thanks for letting us know xx


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I understand - love that event and appreciate the spring fling. I really hope it will be next week. Going away this weekend and I definitely do not want to miss it! Love Ya!
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Aww too bad. No sugary sweet lolligrams this year! Very curious to see what the expansion brings!! I am sure it will absolutely be worth missing the eventzone this year


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If giving up Sugarsweet means that we get to have the expansion come as scheduled (unlike the year of Starfall's release -- UGH!!!) AND we still get to have Vale this year, then I'm all for it! (Vale is my fave event zone & the first time I participated in it was its first-ever appearance.) I would much rather miss out on Sugarsweet than on Vale. :)


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After Sugar sweet haveing an extended stay for a couple of years and vale and equinox facing a few cancels I would rather see sugarsweet skipped then vale


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The game exploits from 2018 that required a lot of quick, tough [and unpopular] changes. The Google bug that played havoc with being able to update the game and came close to making Grinchta, The Immortal Grinchta. And then, the dark ages of the hack on Aixit that effectively put you on the sidelines for a while and generated a ton of work, just to recover our beloved game. An event, by the way, that you are still recovering from. Our little raft of Otters has endured a lot of rough sea in a very short span of time, and yet, they are not only still afloat, but telling us they can still get the next expansion out before Summer. Seriously? Will you ever cease to amaze me!? The fact that you feel you have to ditch Sugarsweet in order to fulfill all of your other obligations does not surprise me. What genuinely does surprise me is that it is the only thing you had to sacrifice, and you made an effort to salvage even that.

I will not pretend that I'm not a little disappointed, but I totally understand the need to do this, as well as how difficult it was for you to come to this decision. I agree with and support that decision. Please give my regards to the other Otters and my appreciation for all they have done to make this game the best that it can be, regardless of the stumbling blocks the Gods of Gaming have seen fit to toss along your path.

Long Live The Otterman Empire!
And may you forever game!


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Totaly understanding and sorry for the trouble, you are dealing with. Shue, I love sugarsweet, but i can easily forget about it.
I am just totaly amazed, happy and grateful, for the huge amount of work, you do, and even bringing this extra spring fling fun to us, while working hard on fixing the issues from valentin and other stuff AND working on another expansion!

You are just the greates otters of the world!!!!

I just hope you can enjoy some springtime for yourself during your lookalike- 24hworking- all- day- like- crazy- it seems to me life.

Thank you.