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Argus Jessengith, Argus Shadow
I was doing a casual run in the pyrron armoury area when i saw some strange stun chain on the player. I faced a mob which have one of the skeleton with lightning skills, two stone thrower and one of them among is the bounty actually. One stone thrower manage to stun me then the skeleton stun me again with a lightning skill and after that immediately the bounty boss stun with its own stone attack. So basically i was stun for 3 times in a row.

The fight was very easy for me as i was in higher level so no big deal. Also yes i can use liberty to cut down the stun time. But it will not give us the immunity. As player if we try to stun one enemy multiple times they have stun resistance which helps them not to be locked in stun so that players won't take the advantage of it and wipe its health in that time. I believe the same should also be implemented on player side as well. A stun immunity where after getting stun once there will be few seconds gap till the next and even though one enemy use their stun attack it will be resist by the player.

Back to back stun is a dangerous move which can easily wipe out health so a stun immunity should be implemented on the player end also as it was implemented on the enemy side that is mobs, boss etc.
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