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Streamside is looking for members to help us grow and build a happy 'ol neighborhood!

Who we are:
We are dedicated to promoting a positive and healthy community of people who are new to the game and veterans alike focusing on growing, building a team and enjoying what the game has to offer. We welcome introverts and extroverts of all walks of life with no pressure to be vocal, participate or to fit in. We're looking active members, even if you're shy or softspoken (we still gonna love ya). We aim to help on any aspect of the game like gathering and crafting, bounties, raids, elders and village projects. We are drama free (cause ain't nobody got time for that), respectful and understanding of the differences that make us similar. We're an easy going, kind bunch. Rudeness and toxicity are not tolerated.

Guild members are required to:
Be welcoming and positive
Live in the guild village (we have a beautiful, quaint private village)

If you find yourself looking for a new place to call home, look no further! We would be happy to have you with us! If interested, please whisper or mail:
Maverick Mendenhall
Du Hast