Royal Guardian
[Professor Goose]: Once upon a precious little time...
[Jytal]: from the sand dunes in the distance, baby carpet dragons began emerging with the sunrise
[FlameChild]: they flew towards the distant mountains where a castle loomed
[Villarius]: but before they could make it to the castle, an evil bogfrog would capture the baby carpet dragons
[Sir Bigtone]: the dragon flew through a rainbow and became full grown and torched bog frog to smitherrines
[I am new]: then the legendary pixy came from chimney and killed the lil frog
[Capsaicin]: but this wasnt just any frog, it was a candy frog and all the pieces flew to all, corners of the world to good lityle knays and girls
[Tandrinan]: meanwhile the dragons, now full grown, continued on to the castle to have tea with their best friend, a puppy named Mittens.
[Ella Atser]: Mittens was a very special puppy
[Pyne Wewd]: for you see this was a special time, for the gathering of dragons and the special puppy Mittens marked the birth of Ardents newest hero
[Wackum]: but little be known mittens was currupted by he who will not be named
[Ventara]: so the dragons were surprised to see both a mage and a lich waiting at the door to usher them inside...
[snowberry]: The puppy grabbed the baby carpet dragons one by one, and dunked them each in a malice cocktail, then rolled them in mud!
[Feisty]: The dragons, now caked covered with sludgy mud, began to fumble around z bumbling into each other, making an awful mess i guess.
[Rusty Hains]: Right now from far away 10 dragons looking for a old knight. He save them from long time ago and now they are lookng for him
[Valentyne]: But the baby dragons were slated to be a sacrifice to the vacuum god, Hooverius, who had promised mittens a lifetime supply of milk bones
[Sirae]: thankfully, right at the moment of sacrifice - the old knight bursts into the castle to save the day and the dragons
[Eche]: that is, until an army of bogfrogs burst into to avenge their fallen one
[blackwitch42]: just then the mama dragon burst out a loud roar from deep in the castle
[ShieldHeart]: The mama drsgon burst thru the castle and was meet by the old hag Blackwitch!
[Saikira]: just then the sky darkened and storm clouds appeared
[mrogan]: then the dragons want to find the old knight and learnig about the history of the castle
[Professor Goose]: Suddenly a beautiful fairy princess godmother appeared out of nowhere bursting out of thin air and sending the evil puppy and bog frogs and mages and witches all away. She suggested that they all have a picnic, so the dragons got on horses and rode away.
[Professor Goose]: The End!

Moral to the story is, do not let bog frogs anywhere near dragons.
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