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Spring Fling Contest #4 - Love Poems to V&H NPC's

Since the Cupid month passed us by, this is your chance to have a go at at still! For this contest, we are asking players to write original love poems to V&H characters (Elder Bosses, Zingara, NPC’s, etc.). It can be any type of poem you’d like -- limerick, epic, sonnet, ode, rhyme, etc.

The Rules
  • Write an original love poem to any V&H NPC or character in the lore. No limit to the number of entries per person.
  • Post here on this thread, or on Discord. Please clearly state your in-game character name and server.
  • The VH Event Committee will act as judges and will award First, Second, and Third Place winners.

The Prizes
  • First Place = 150 Crowns + 1 Vault + 1 Ultra Clockwork Harvester + 3 Keys of Red Darrig Chest + 3 Sockets
  • Second Place = 125 Crowns + 1 Ultra Clockwork Harvester + 2 Keys of Red Darrig Chest + 2 Sockets
  • Third Place = 100 Crowns + 1 Key of Red Darrig Chest + 1 Socket

This contest will close on: Saturday, April 13th at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT/ 17:00 GMT/ 19:00 CEST. Winners will be announced on Monday, April 15th.

Good luck, and have fun! :love:


Great Adventurer
Zarola, North....
Android, PC
Zarola US1

To Tater the beautiful dog,
You are a great companion.
You are my friend,
And you are my hero.
I love you with all my heart.
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Legendary Hero
Bulmablue, Bulla S., P.Vegeta, F.Trunks, R.Braun, CauliflaTheMighty, Raingeta,Ultra Ego Vegeta
Android, PC
Bulmablue us2
A poem to Lady's fate
So very tall
In your tomb all day long
Heroes watch you fall all day long in defeat without a care at all.
You been defeated so may times.
It seems you don't have any friends at all to call.
It's sad as a once lady you probably had it all but something with your fate changed it all.
An here I sit in your underground tomb trying to cheer up your day.
I love you lady's fate.
I'll come to visit you almost everyday.
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Shadowcave, Shadowsmack
Roses are red?
That's how this should start,
Violets are blue?
I think that's the next part...
I'm sure love is involved?
Or some stuff from the heart,
Do we all fight together?
Or must we now part?
One thing I am sure of...
And know to be true...
Be Villager or Hero

We LOVE what we do!!!!
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Shadowcave EU1


Iseabail, Bodicca
Iseabail. US3

Oh Stavros oh Stavros
A pig you should be
Instead a man is impersonating thee.
Stuttering stuttering we should find
Instead it is we whose words do not rhyme
Off we go off we go
A spell we do seek
Hoping that suddenly
we may speak.
To learn your wisdom is our task
So the right words
We must ask
Oh Stavros Oh Stavros
We're on our way
On with our quest
Ready to play.


Jelani Strongbow, US2

Oh Grinchta, you are so round and green,
To me you’re neither evil nor mean.
You smell like peppermint and holly,
Makes a gal feel pretty and jolly.

Suspenders really make a man,
Yours so taught dost flame a fan
Of desire , you naughty ogre
I’ve come to love your body odor.

And your tiny little red vest
Just means you are the very best
Even tho you come at Christmastime,
Would you please be my Valentine?


Royal Guardian
Impresario, US3

Love Worth Dying For
I often remember that moment we shared,
I came to you blindly, so unprepared,
Not knowing I’d find myself utterly enthralled,
As you tore out my heart and left me broken and sprawled,
And as I lay dying on the floor of your dwelling,
I knew that my love for you would only start growing.

Your eyes of red have burned a hole in my soul,
My heart would beat quickly, but it’s my heart that you stole,
And though smoke billows from your fires within,
Nothing compares to my burning desire to win,
Your admiration, respect, and just more moments with you,
Before your nature takes over and you cleave me in two.

Your beautiful tail sways with the most graceful arc,
It’s hypnotic swishing has awakened a spark,
And though it is clearly a weapon of war,
It’s grace in the battle leaves me wanting for more,
I’d stare at it gladly, my life has found peace,
Despite that I’m bludgeoned and my soul finds release.

Voltan’s my wingman in the pursuit of your love,
Despite your rejection and the death you rain down from above,
For it’s in your wing’s shadow I find confidence each day,
To cross the world over gaining strength as I play,
Knowing that very soon I’ll return as your peer,
And we’ll battle for hours and you’ll learn I’m sincere.

Nijjara! Nijjara! You’re my very first crush,
Ever since I rounded that corner and you beat me to mush.

Love Worth Dying For.png


Grand Priestess
Hyacinth Rose
Last edited
Tribute to the Game We All Love

Lo and Behold this Mystical Land
Where everything's not boring nor bland
Here's where Heroes and Villagers thrive
And Bounty Hunters struggle to survive

From Summer's Hollow to Pyrron's Lair
No need to travel using your mare
For the future has already come
Teleportation's a thing, don't be glum!

Ever seen a face full of acne?
Basido's bounty's 'bout that plenty
And don't you ever say you've been lost
Not when you've never been to The Depths and The Drom

Have the shrewd mind of a businessman?
Into the Auction House you must come
Have fun bidding and sealing deals
Got broke? Relax, this game's free, ain't got no bills!

And who's to say Villains don't love
Even Pyrron's got his one true love
Imogen is his fair lady
So when she died, Pyrron got shady!

From boars to dragons to drakatas
Come forward and bring your armada
Nothing's too tough when you've got true friends
Having fun has no limit nor ends

Heard a new class called Shaman will arrive
We truly can't wait when it will go live
Wizards can do ice and fire bending
Shaman's got water and earth bending

With water's mending and earth's tanking
Got free slots? Buy now! Whatcha thinkin'!
Experience Aang's power, feel the zest!
Though for me, Shadow Priests always curse best!

This poem's too long, so sorry for that!
Ten stanzas long, I've never done that!
Listen to this game's soulful soundtrack
Best to use headphones, that's if you've got jack!

And as I end this poem to this game full of brilliance
I stop by the castle, to our fallen friends' memorial
A time once existed, full of problems and trials
Into the Starry Night I gaze and ask for their guidance

-Written with Love
Hyacinth Rose of US Server 1


Missa Solemnis,Ciel, Asphysxia
Last edited
Banshee Queen

Is it true, O Vile one
Beauty and Evil is within you
Even your old form has withdrew
What you have become into
Gave a new Queen vicious and untrue

Your high pitched Tone,
Gave chills to the Bone
What sounded like Hysteric,
Sounded like Angelic,
You fanatics are too obsessive

Too longing? Too yearning?
Not to mention the Queen’s love is burning
Like a rose, blooming in the cold
Another story of old,
How the wind blows,
carries your heavenly songs

So it goes, another traveler knows
That a fair Queen sits under your nose
Come closer and hear her humming
Maybe you’ll see what’s happening
A sweet melody is coming!

A step closer won’t hurt you!
Maybe she won’t scold you
Time to Hear her Voice of gold
Growing too lucid and bold
Not to notice she’s taken hold

Please welcome in our new visitor
Just curious and nosy
Upon a Ravishing Lady
Please take me as your only
For I don’t want to leave out lonely

Missa Solemnis - US1



Royal Guardian
Impresario, US3

And With This Token...
And With This Token.png

You, my dearest love, worry in vanity,
Concerned that others perceive it insanity,
But I can see your beauty buried within,
I'll seek out your favor - and your love I'll win,
For you are the prettiest, your lips speak true,
And I will do anything to prove it to you,
I'll sneak into villages to raid ranch and farm,
To round up your cousins and woo you with charm,
I'll shear them by hand, on this task I am set,
To give you this token and stop needless fret,
Though you stand stiffly you light up with joy,
I see success in my actions, no need to play coy,
You, my dear Greta, are so pretty and dolled,
Now that your cousins are so gloriously bald.
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To the RNG gods,

Rng rng bless me please
With brutality, and expertise
I can exceed,
As I kill my enemies
Bless me with
Darrig keys
Darn it RNG!
Just pelts and money!
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