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Spring Fling Contest #2 - Iconic Movie Scene Reenactments in V&H

Alrighty, movie lovers, or even just occasional movie watchers, run with this one! The possibilities are endless! For this contest, we would like you to reenact any movie scene of your choice within V&H. You may do it solo or with friends. Judging will be based upon originality and similarity to the actual film scene being depicted.

Here are a collection of classic movie scenes fairly easy to depict, as examples to help give you inspiration:


The Rules
  • Reenact any movie scene at all within V&H, and screenshot it. With your entry, you must also post an image of the actual movie scene you are reenacting. So we need two images from you.
  • When posting, please include your in-game character name and server. (And those of all the participants.) Please also state which movie you are reenacting.
  • You may post here on this thread, or on Discord.
  • The VH Event Committee will act as judges and will award First, Second, and Third Place winners.
  • If a winning entry has more than one participant, the crown amount will be split between the participants, but all participants will receive the other items. However, if there are four or more participants, the team must allocate who gets what.

The Prizes
  • First Place = 150 Crowns + Mount of choice (excluding dragons and trophy mounts) + 1 Bounty Hunter’s Badge + 4 Full Heals + 2 Keys of Red Darrig Chest
  • Second Place = 125 Crowns + Bounty Hunter’s Badge + 3 Full Heals + 1 Key Red Darrig
  • Third Place = 100 Crowns + 2 Full Heals +1 Key Red Darrig Chest

This contest will close on: Saturday, April 13th at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT/ 17:00 GMT/ 19:00 CEST

Have fun, and good luck! :)


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NOT AN ENTRY :unsure:
question if someone wins first can they wait to choose a mount till the new ones come out or is it current mounts only? :unsure:


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Oh man I am SO glad I am not a judge! No way could I choose, they're all so good!
I regret that I can't participate. My comp is going bad and can't play the game. I only manage to log in for the daily then have to hurry back off.
Anyway, these are awesome! I love them all!
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They are all really good! I’m enjoying seeing everyone’s entries!
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