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Thank You! I am so EXCITED!!


Hi Sarah - Have been trying to upload all evening and now it is after 1AM in the morning and I have lost out on the daily prizes not to mention I still cannot download the patch. he most I was able to load one time was 36% and then it stopped again. I looked at Ivar's troubleshooting list and tried them all except turning computer off and on again. I did not know the servers were down - maybe I would have if I was able to get into the game (-; If there is anyway to get the missing prizes I would appreciate it. Unless you have any words of wisdom, I guess I will have to file a support ticket if all of Ivar's possible solutions fail. I just do not want to lose my 6 spots in the villages I am in. Been there over 5 years now. Take care and thank you for a wonderful game. Merry
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