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Hi, Everyone,

We will be bringing the servers down sometime within the next three hours to remove Grinchta’s Lair. This small patch contains only one other bug fix/ change, which is:
  • In order to rebirth, relics must also be unequipped along with all gear. (Fixed an issue in which high-level relics could be equipped regardless of level.)

But not to worry, for those who you who were hoping for a more colorful patch today, in a few weeks time (mid-Feb), we will be releasing a MUCH larger build which contains a whole lot of pink in it, yes, the Sugarsweet event zone, as well as all of the new raid improvements, stat iterations, and a slew of bug fixes! :)

As for today, as soon as the build finishes propagating in the Apple store, we will provide a thirty minute in-game warning that we are bringing the servers down. Servers will be down less than an hour. As always, thanks for your patience during that time.

Sphinx Fury

Lady P Mercy- Lady Polgara
PC, Steam
i still cant loggin on EU server i am gone loose my vault coin :(
US1 no problem to log in