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Hi, Everyone. We will be bringing the servers down sometime within the next two hours to push a bug fix build. Servers will be down less than an hour. We will run a system message in game 15 minutes prior to bringing them down.

Patch 4.43.1

Class Playbalance

  • Earth Shaman Ultimates now increase Threat Generation.
  • Lightning Warrior
    • Will-to-Live now heals the Warrior to full maximum health.
    • Reduced Threat boost on Lightning Warrior Ultimate "Titanic Slam" from 40% to 30%
  • Fury Warrior
    • The Ultimate Warpath now heals the warrior for 20% of health.
    • The Ultimate Charmed Life boosts Phoenix Strike's healing a bit more than before.

  • To avoid players accidentally buying too much, the default number to buy from a vendor is now one. Later, we will consider ways to make this more convenient e.g. when buying seeds, while avoiding accidental over-purchases.
  • Minor clarity tweak to relic progress to next rank in tooltip.
  • Improved the camera so it retracts and zooms more consistently at both low and high frame rates.
  • Adjusted the times required for the Heroic Hunt challenges:
    • Gold Level Run -- time reduced to 7:30 minutes
    • Silver Level Run -- time reduced to 15:00 minutes
    • Bronze Level Run -- time reduced to 20:00 minutes
  • Removed Dark Passage effects for level 95 Elders and replaced it with the original timer.
  • Reduced Lilith's Ice Rune Damage by 20%

Bug Fixes
  • (Possibly) fixed the bug where enemies would respawn too quickly. We could not test the fix because it is intermittent, but difficult to reproduce. Please let us know if it's still happening. Thanks.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Raid Boss Affix "Bully" was boosting the damage that bosses were doing against 3-person and 6-person Raids much more than it should have.
  • Fixed: Moving slower while gardening. In fact, you now move faster than ever.
  • Fixed: sometimes the raid timer would have a large white block covering it.
  • Removed messages that would display when Zikiti or Lilith were defeated.
  • Fixed: Raid leaderboards were sometimes showing Levels and Runs that were too high.
  • Fixed issue where the effect "Volcanic Stun" would stun enemies that have the effect "Tenacious".
  • The door in the foyer will re-appear when a raid is failed in the Chanteuse's Rookery
  • Fixed: sometimes the Armament rewards for completing a raid tier would have a spellpower stat for the wrong class.
  • Changed the display name of the goal "Retrieve the Bronze Mallet in the Lyceum" to "Find the Bronze Mallet in the Lyceum
  • Fixed: setting the name plate icon to "Nothing" would revert after zoning.
  • Right-clicking on your name in the party list, or on the party button, now opens a menu allowing you to leave the party.
  • New chat command: /leave , to leave your current party.
  • Fixed: the Raid Size number under the raid timer would show the wrong value if players left the raid after it started.
  • Fixed: Using /say or emotes while in a raid would display to other raiders in the same raid location.
  • Fix for handles sometimes showing when a party member goes to a different zone.
  • Fixed: Links for Forums, Game Guide, website, etc., when logged onto EU2 / DE were not working correctly.
  • Fixed Infused Spider exploit in Bandicott Woods.
  • Levers in Raids are now named "Start Lever" instead of "No Name"
  • Sometimes, when joining a raid, the loading screen would stay up permanently, or you would be booted to character select.
  • Name plates are now higher while mounting, to avoid covering your head.
  • Added more jumping gnome preventative measures in Bandicott Woods
  • Fixed issue where kills with the effect "Titanic Wrath" would not count towards quest goals.
  • Removed the Dungeons window in the world map.
  • Clarified the dialog of Roany, Domo, Tobin, and Telida to better impart that they will cancel their quests.
  • Fixed: Glory would stop working when the Breath of Lilith relic reached a high level.
  • Enchanted Music Rune will now always be visible even if "Show all effects" is false.
  • Fixed: The guild name displayed on the name plate would sometimes get clipped.
  • Sounds from invisible other raids no longer play.
  • Fixed issue where it was difficult to light the flames in Bandicott Woods.
  • Fixed butterflies not animating in Elden Forest

PC Only
  • Fixed: Bug Report window would be hidden under dungeon main screen.
  • Fixed: News feed was not showing any messages.
  • The "Sell Items" message box when selling items for a special currency now shows the price in the special currency, not in coinage.
  • Fixed: sometimes unmaximizing the game window would cause it to disappear altogether.

Mobile Only
  • Name plates display on mobile can now be configured, the same way as on desktop.
  • Fixed: the Reliquary would show Dungeoneering and Ducats panels in two locations, instead of just one.


Thank you! Just started to play and to see game being updated with so much stuff. Kind a feels good.
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How about the party panel in mobile? Almost overlapped on the skill button screen at left side?
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Fixed: Moving slower while gardening. In fact, you now move faster than ever.
The clouds darkened the daylight sky,
And all around what once was dry,
Under a torrent of constant rain,
The land below refused to drain,
And in the muck my garden sat,
I could not grow my seed in that,
I could not move on through the mud,
Stuck there fast amidst the crud.

Then clouds parted to rays that warmed,
And all the earth, though once was scorned,
Felt the heat from sun so bright,
And began to dry beneath the light,
My feet found footing, my strength returned,
And with a quickness I thought unlearned,
Spread the seed upon the ground,
And boldly grew from purchase found.


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@Sinjin earth only and just like how you said (on test server at least)


If we reported a bug previously, and we see it again after this update, should we report it again?


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The mobs are not attacking in solo raid level 10 rookery


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I ran my fury warrior thru Chanteuse's Rookery level challenge 3 to 7, and thru them all, none of the mobs were attacking me nor did I even aggro as I just walk pass them. And everytime my warrior get to lilith, she just stood still taking a beating without going thru her mechanic like summoning reinforcement at 90% hp nor did she ever start enchanting her aoe. Bascially lilith didnt attack and took full beating til 0 hp. I did submit in-game report. However, I did ran level 10 challenge on my shaman thru Bandicott Woods And The chanteuse's rookery and it work just fine for my shaman.
Also, the raid reward got the class correct but it still couldnt get the right subclass down. The reward couldnt tell apart whether the class I ran was in which subclass as it didnt or couldnt take account which of the two mastery is highest when rewarding raid item.

UPDATE: I ran my shaman thru raid as soon as server came back online hours ago, everything was fine. Just now, I did a raid with a few friends a moment ago and the raids are broken, every single mobs won't intiate battle. They just stood still. I should had bug report, but then I think others had bug report it already, even those i just ran with did (hopefully).
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Added more jumping gnome preventative measures in Bandicott Woods
My jumping enchantment is disabled while I'm in the raid.
Is it made to prevent using terrain exploits or it's just a bug?


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There are still bug with the Mobile version for the name plate slider options
It doesn’t automatically save your option when you close the window, it revert back to the previous options for name tag.
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