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Love this game and enjoyed the live streams when we were down. One thing I am having trouble with is when I go to sell stuff to a vendor, I make mistakes and sell the wrong thing. I know, I know should be more careful. But when you have a lot of gems to sell and the page is loading slowly it is easy to do. I'll go to click on a gem and then the page will reset to the top and I'll have clicked on something else and not realized it until it is too late. I have lost two items I really cared about and worked hard for. They are from the Xmas event so I can't re-earn them. Anyway, could we please put gems at the top of the list or in the order that they appear in our bags? Then I could put my special stuff in my last bag and would not be likely to accidentally click on it because I would not have to scroll and wait, scroll and wait. Thanks for listening. I love this game and spend way too much time in there!! Just this one thing is frustrating me. Lost my antlers head gear and my red elf hat with the string of bells on it. : (

Thanks so much for the game and the hard work you did during our snow storm.

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I agree with you, Trillium, that the list jumping while selling is terrible, and it's easy to tap the wrong item to sell.
But PlatinumPlatypus is right... you can just re-gnog those appearances right back onto your gear.
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Agreed. I wasnt trying to make light of your loss. I have accidentally sold things I didnt intend as well, even trying to go slow. Now I go really slow.


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On pc, there's a button you can click to sell all the gems in one fell swoop. I'm also a fan of holding down the shift key and then either scrolling through and clicking on the line item in the list (the name of the item, after you hit the Sell button) OR assuming the lag isn't bad, holding down the shift key and clicking on the icon of the item in the bag. (Not sure which method is more susceptible to a jumping cursor, but I'm very careful regardless!)
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I would like to see at least one of these options added.
Option 1: Add an option so we could make Items not for sale or so we could make as many items as we want ans sell them together as one sale.
Option 2: Have option on each bag to choose to lock all items in the bag with the option of being sold or not.
Option 3: Adding an Extra Secured bag that would not be reconized by vendors when selling.
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well I too have complained about this in past the selling to vendors is horrible now, just to next item type is just wretch, accidentally selling high level item I been saving in last bag cause it jump to it and wasn't paying attention, or having to go back to town to put most wanted in to vault to save from accidental selling is time consuming and annoying at moment.
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