Servant of Mallok
13 and 666
We always look forward to a new dungeon season, whether it's for fun, seasonal rewards, and they, the relics!
Relics are indispensable when it comes to their excellent bonuses and returns.

Due to the level upgrade hiatus, it is evident that many players choose to have more characters, and consequently, end up having several characters parked at maximum level.

Manage more than one character is tiring, the game imposes difficulties, making it even more grueling. Therefore,
I believe that there should be facilitation in the face of multiple characters.
We would all like to enjoy relics on any of your characters, in order to test and have fun.
Still, it takes
extra time and resources, and I'm aware that it's not difficult to acquire them, just EXHAUSTING.

The first step is to make them account bound.


I don't know if I agree with this. While yes, it WOULD make it easier to get relics on alts, the individual characters are not earning them. It would be MUCH easier to get epic/legendary relics for 3-4 toons if you only do raids on 1 toon. I think that all rewards from raids (and EZ's) should be earned on each character.