Legacy guild would like to invite you or two,
To a quest to see if you know a thing or two,
So count your chickens and think of a zoo,
A sir and a princess will be your guide,
For you to be the one that wins the prize.

Name of the game is for me, sirbabbo, to come up with a subject and when I point to you, you have ten seconds to come up with an answer related to the subject. You snooze, you pass, you have no clue or simply have no time, then the most unfortunate thing for you, is to step aside for others to keep going.

Rules are simple: I come up with a subject, could be randomly inside or outside of the game. I point to someone random to go first, they will answer/guess correctly then the next person standing, hopefully paying attention, will go next and so forth till someone stumbles on a word or three. Ten seconds is the time limit for any person I point to, and if you have no idea or ran out of time you will have to step aside. But don’t feel defeated there will be other rounds to strike up a tune.

Depending on time and if prisms decides to cause some problems we will have multiple rounds. If play is suspended because hero’s are called, then we will wait for those who are helping for good cause. We will kick off where we left and maybe prisms will be a good girl and not pop up.

The object is to have one person standing left in the said round and with all the others that have stepped aside to show who is standing. That said winner of the round will go to the winners circle to wait aside for other winners in other rounds to compete for a final prize.

If we exhausted the subject, I will pass onto another subject, so pay attention and don’t snooze on this one.

After a few rounds, I will gather some winners, alas the winners will duel a round of who will become champion.

There is a 1st prize of 100 crown bag, and a 2nd prize of 50 crown bag. But everyone will get two prizes for participating in this cool event. So please don’t run or you will not be able to get the show up prize.

There might be an imptastic who will give out the prize, so why not show up to see the imp limping to the event on an aardvark mount and a few penguins or two. ( if this doesn’t happen sorry to ruin it in advanced).

Quick snap please come up with an answer, will be an event that you would not want to miss. :) If you do like this event then please let me know so that way we can do this once a month and mix up the prizes as well.

US Server 3: Friday August 7th at 9 pm est/edt at Ardent Castle in front of King Leo :)