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Simple suggestion for ranching on PC.

1. Make the feeding so that if you have the item in your inventory or vaults that you dont have to drag it on the animals. You could simply just have the icon crossed over with red cross when hovering over the animal if you dont have corresponding item availeble. Then if you click it would pet instead as default.

2. Treats and full feeds could be kept drag and drop based but I would also make it so that treats can replace all the instruments and water

Thank you for making the game better :D


but I would also make it so that treats can replace all the instruments and water
I really like this idea! As long as my gardening was higher than my ranching, I rarely bothered to use the treats: if they could've replaced the instruments, I would have used them a lot. :D


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It's just a tap on mobile and is still excruciating. I'd rather have feed bins - one per animal type - and the ability to fill them either at each feed time or load up the bin fully with stacks of each type of food and have it automatically dispense until done


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As soon as my animals reach max level I stop feeding them entirely. If I'm not getting enough raw materials from them, I add more and then power feed them up to max level. It takes too long and is too tedious to deal with the drag-n-drop while the animals randomly run around and hide under each other.
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I would like to add to your suggestion the possibility that animals receive more xp per feeding and that feeding would be restricted to, at most, twice a day. With the exception of a few players, rarely does anyone have time to feed the poor animals more than once a day.
Result: ranching takes ages to reach level cap.

The suggestion of automatic feeders (bin) also really pleases me.
The more toons you have, the longer it takes to feed the animals on the farm and garden.

Yes, I also no longer feed my animals after I reach the cap level in ranching.
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Hi folks, I just want to add my support to requesting a change of this system.
As a new player, ranching has stood out the most to me as a system that needs to be reviewed.
The drag and drop system is quite frustrating to the point that I am thinking of giving up on this aspect of the game. That might sound a bit over the top but it feels like a lot of wasted time to actually correctly feed your animals.
I like the idea of feed bins or a recongition of what is in your inventory.
I would also ask why does this not work similarly to the other gathering proffesions, where you can just slot the items onto your gathering bar.