Would you like to see previous raid rewards come back in some form?

  • Yes

  • Yes, but in a different way

  • No

  • Neutral

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When I posted this suggestion/poll I had no idea it would spark this many reactions. I just wanted to chime in and tell you that I appreciate each and every one of you sharing their thoughts, regardless of wether you were for or against (or in between) for this idea. I definitely have a greater insight now of this topic, so thank you!
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Voted a flat no and just don’t think that mounts or flairs should be available even at a high cost. We have seasonal raids with different unique flairs and mounts to earn at different levels of tougher combats. I wouldn’t want to see previous mounts or flairs in a raid shop so people can just purchase in a crown shop for ducats and those who do it for free by just doing bronze over and over for daily and weekly rewards to earn something that people had to do tougher (catacombs and veldt come to mind) raids.