Royal Guardian
I write a poem each day for our village (except on days when I don't!). Thanks to the wonderful encouragement from my friend William I'm going to start posting them here (until someone official tells me to stop I suppose). Here is today's poem:

Happy First Hump Day of two-zero-one-and-nine,
The very last first Wednesday, I hope that it was fine,
They very last first Wednesday in the last year of the tens,
The very next first Wednesday will start the twenties all again,
Tomorrow starts a brand new first, I really cannot wait,
The very first Thursday of the year - I know it will be great!
For those that are in Austrailia, living one day ahead,
You're laughing at this poem as you venture out of bed,
For your very first Wednesday has already zipped on by,
You're living out our Thursday, before we even get to try,
It's rather all confusing when I try to understand,
Let's hurry on to Friday - I'm sure it will be grand!