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Ok. I have a few really important ideas that are just for game play enhancement.
1. Summers hollow needs a hide and go seek zone for parents to play with their little kids.. where no dots or map tracking will show. (For level 1s... the circus in ardent city would work perfectly for higher levels... but summers hollow needs something like that but with tons of caves and trap doors.... funny cave paintings to find..... and maybe a high place that if you jump off in just the right spot.. you get sucked into a water spout and get blasted to the top of the sky... And maybe if you were the lucky person to have that happen, the statue Nameplate in the center bears your name until it happens to the next person). It also needs a maze (like a pumpkin maze) that lets you go through and collect goodies.. a swimming pool with automatic super speed... and with a whale that will sometimes... at just the right time.. swallow you and you get to build a fire in its belly like pinnocchio. If you were the last person in the whale belly, it will now be named “so and so the whale.”
And maybe consider a few play houses, a princess castle or a hog warts dorm. You could also include a paintball or laser tag field for people who want to pvp but NO REWARDS. Just easy games for fun!

I think there need to be a few in game pranks. For example: that quest where you have to choose to tell her if you found the guy, or lie...... everyone who chooses lie should get a scarlet letter for the rest of the day. Something that lets everyone know we chose lie. But something not obvious enough that people will avoid it... maybe.. a red name plate for 24 hours.

also: there needs to be an ubliette in the tombs near the very very end. And if you fall in you’re stuck in a dangling prison for 5 in game minutes in front of everyone in ardent city or in front of tombs...
and only the people who have fallen in before have the option to click something to give you a high five.

Three slots to leave presents at peoples houses in your village. Village buffs that appear on the outside of your house. Flowers in the window sill = crafting mastery buff... a door hanging where ppl can leave you messages that you only earn when you 95 plant lore... that kind of thing.

Finally, we need a wings mount. We have a shoes mount. I think a wings mount could be doable and my only simple, not taking a year to develop idea today. I think people need to be able to fly. And when the wings mount jumps it also does a 360 roll like in top gun. Thank you. Xoxo

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and maybe a high place that if you jump off in just the right spot.. you get sucked into a water spout and get blasted to the top of the sky..
Oh my! I would love that SO much!!!