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Hi, Everyone,

Much as we’d love to be putting on events and contests for our players on a routine basis, neither Mad Otter or the VH Event Committee will always have the time necessary to do so. BUT we very much want to support our player community in any way we can, which is why we are more than happy to sponsor player-run events and contests!

What does ‘sponsor’ mean? It means we will supply the prizes for the winners and participants of whatever fun-filled events and contests you all dream up and organize!

If you have an idea for an event or contest, and others to assist you with running it, and wish to be sponsored, please contact a member of the VH Event Committee on your server.

If your proposal is for an event, we do ask that you have at least 10 to 15 participants committed to it. (As opposed to say three people whose whole event consists of jumping up and down for five minutes and expecting to get crowns for it.) In your proposal, please give us the basic run-down of what the event will be, the number of people involved, and specifically what sorts of prizes you are seeking. (Crowns – how much, items, how many, etc. We will work with you depending on size and scale of the event.) We ask also that you please also at least give several days advance notice, if not more, when proposing your events so that EC members will have ample time to secure prizes and/or offer assistance as needed.

We want to sponsor events that are open to all players alike, so we will not sponsor guild-only events. But if your guild wants to throw an event open to everyone on your server, then of course we’d be happy to supply the prizes!

The main thing is, we do need to approve your proposal first. So please take it seriously, and give us as much detail as possible, and know, too, that we reserve the right to deny proposals for whatever reason we see fit.

After your event has been completed, please let us know via the same Customer Support Ticket you already submitted, and tell us how it went as well as other pertinent details. (Names of winners if applicable, etc.) For obvious reasons, prizes will typically be given to the organizers to disperse after the event has already taken place.

We also welcome Forum contest proposals! We could do with more forum contests! So please feel free to submit any ideas you might have for that, and your plan for the judging process, etc.

There is so much creativity in this community, and we’re excited to see what all of you can come up with! Events and contests are just plain fun, so we hope you will all take our offer seriously and get cracking on some crazy awesome contests and events for players everywhere to enjoy!

We look forward to hearing from you! :)

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(As opposed to say three people whose whole event consists of jumping up and down for five minutes and expecting to get crowns for it.)


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mail in game, party in game, masspm on forum, discord.
Keep in mind though that the current contest are player organised. EC members do not necessarily have a responsibility to also be the ones to execute it.
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