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A huge, ginormous, massive, all-encompassing, over-the-top thank you for the idle animations fix with this patch. Saw that Sean commented on a post about it, and as a late 2019 starting player, I had never seen the full animations for a few of the poses not in initial character development. Not ashamed to say that I spent more than twenty minutes goofing around with all the options, and just love it. Thank you for the wizardry behind the scenes that remains a mystical realm to this Luddite. I see your wizardry effects and I am grateful 🧙‍♀️🧙🧙‍♂️

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Correction: The patch notes said we made some general talent improvements. This was incorrect. That was something we tried on Test Server, but decided against the change, removed it, but forgot to remove it from the patch notes. The following was NOT DONE:
  • Talent Improvements:
    • Priest Burden of Power: increased its boost from 1% per rank to 1.5% per rank
    • Wizard Sorcerer’s Will: increased its boost from 1% per rank to 1.5% per rank
    • Warrior Booming Voice: doubled its power boost


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Added the “Ardent Clock” to the mini-map. This will show the current time in UTC, making it easy to coordinate events and activities
Yay! I was so tickled when I saw this. Thanks!

And the idle animations are back!!! I missed them so much.

This is a great update. It is the little things that make all the difference.
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They forgot to mention that they added Party Member Dots on the map I think.... Or did I ignore that before?
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[Marat’s Vitality
  • Health 2%
  • Max Health 2%


In game, due to the change, the talent now boost Base Maximum Health instead. I did a bug report in game in case it was a bug. If this wasn't a bug then that is fine, but because it now boost Base maximum health, I no longer feel like it is worth the 15pts investment anymore and went for Heart of the Mountain & Mountain Song.

Even if it is silly to have alot of health, I like my toon(s) balanced in terms of offensive & defense whether solo or group gameplay.

To put into perspective, without any consumable & food buffs, my fury warrior would be at 390k health with marat vitality talent prior to recent patch change. After patch, the talent changed to base and it boost my hp to like 20k ish hp which is like 70k hp difference. Without marat vitality, my fury wr sit at 300k hp which is decent. Again I don't mind this change since I have a reason to rather spent the 15pts I invested into marat vitality somewhere else like into mountain song & heart of the mountain. To the extend, I already know where fury dps placement falls under and main reason is their average to low baseline dmg value of their feat compare to other dps class which i do not mind because ability to charge to mob or taking advantage of charge mechanic is what make wr class fun for me while having very high survivability in solo raid.
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Danke, dass mobile Spieler endlich auch die anderen Gruppenmitglieder auf der Karte sehen können (blauer Punkt)

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  • Added the “Ardent Clock” to the mini-map. This will show the current time in UTC, making it easy to coordinate events and activities
Thank you very much Otters! Any chance we could get the date added as well, several members of my guild are a day ahead of the rest of us, lol. :)
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