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Those of you on EU1 who run the 95 elders and dungeons are quite familiar with this build (the dude who is very noisy and always takes away your Poise buff), but those who don't might not be so familiar with it. So without further ado meet the Angry Bard.

The Angry Bard is primarily a support build that empowers allies and debuffs enemies through war cries and other fury feats. However with the right setup it is also capable of dealing high damage (note: the pure fury dps spec deals quite a bit more damage though). If you enjoy doing group content and supporting your fellow players, this build is definitely for you. Do note however that I only recommend running this build end game. While it can clear all solo content without issues (and quick) a normal fury dps build is better suited for leveling.

- The strongest support build for warriors
- Tons of buffs and debuffs to enhance team DPS
- High single target and AoE DPS

- Click intensive (you gonna be using feats almost non stop)
- Mana intensive
- Optimal for group content, but less so for solo
- Sacrifices DPS for utility

The Build
This is a TL;DR version of the build. Keep on reading if you want to know more details.

1) Weapon
We'll be using a Greatsword with Strength of Arms (Your Masteries are increased and both your Cooldown Rate and Haste are increased by 10%). This is vital, due to the Cool Down Rate, as it allows us to upkeep our buffs on our team for almost 100% of the time.

2) Origin
enchantStormhold.jpgStormhold: Reduces the Mana costs of feats and spells by 12% while also adding a flat +500 Mana points bonus. My personal choice as it improves your Mana management quite a bit (though you will still drink quite a few Mana potions).

TenchantThorncrest.jpghorncrest: Boosts your Critical Chance by 4% and your Critical Damage by +25%. This is added above the Crit cap of 22%, making it possible to reach 26% Critical Chance (although you'll never reach it, due to how the stat system works). Same goes for the Critical Damage bonus. This option offers quite a bit more DPS compared to Stormhold but you will need to drink even more Mana potions (so get your alts ready to farm blueberries). Pick this if you are willing to manage Mana through consumables even more for higher DPS.

3) Talents (120 points)
If you got 5 Rebirths you can put the last 5 points anywhere (I prefer Heart of the Mountain for a bit extra Mana management).

4) Feats

Frenzied Strike: Good single target damage skill that acts as a gap closer and Attack Speed buff, increasing your overall damage output.
Phoenix Strike: Great single target damage, and powerful heal, especially for Fury warriors.
Griffin Strike: Good single target base damage and powerful DoT. Dragon’s Fury makes it our best DoT feat.
Raging Blow: Great (if enemy health is below 50%) single target damage. Excellent at finishing off wounded enemies and as such I’d only recommend using it at that threshold.
Dragon Strike: Great AoE damage and a very high Mana cost, but a strong AoE stun. It offers great extra survivability against group of mobs, and is capable of taking weight off healers shoulders in dungeons by stunning groups.
Whirlwind: Great AoE damage, synergizes with Bloodlust which turns it into a really heavy hitting feat (and the main reason why Fury Support is superior to Lightning Support build)
Demoralize: AoE debuff, reduces enemies' defenses. Synergizes well with our Booming Voice, Bloodlust talents and other War Cries.
Turn the Tide: AoE buff and CC, increases Brutality for you and your group while also putting a group of enemies into sleep for 15 seconds. Synergizes well with our Booming Voice talent and other War Cries. It's mostly used as an offensive DPS boost, but can also be a valuable CC. Just be sure to not use it while a group of mobs is still being pulled (it can stop them mid way).
Battle Cry: AoE buff, increases Mastery by 20% for you and your team. Synergizes well with our Booming Voice talent and other War Cries. It's an all around boost to offense, defense and support.
Rally: AoE buff, giving extra Armor/Magic Resist and a +15% boost to Max Health. Synergizes well with our Booming Voice talent and other War Cries. Mostly a defensive boost but also increases Juggernaut's DPS.
(Slash): Good single target damage and a strong DoT. Improves the damage of Basic Attack, Phoenix Strike, Raging Blow and Dragon Strike through the talent Seething Anger.
Explosive Anger: A sweet boost to our Fury Mastery, try to always have it on. Lasts for 20 seconds +2 seconds for each Fury feat used.
Brutal Force: Gives 100% Critical Chance for 4 seconds and extra Brutality for 20 seconds. Allows you to deal crazy burst DPS.
Deadly Tactics: Adds extra Savagery and while active your attacks ignore 10% of your enemies' defenses. Lasts for 20 seconds. Offers a great DPS boost to your rotation,
Zephyr's Enclave: Adds extra Expertise and reduce all remaining feat cooldowns by 40%. Lasts 20 seconds. An alternative to Deadly Tactics, lets you upkeep buffs even easier and also allows you to use Brutal Force more often. Use it right after Brutal Force rotaion has been used.

5) Stats
Expertise. To upkeep our buffs as long as possible we need Expertise. If a gear can roll Expertise, you need to have it (along with the Expertise reinforcement rune). You need to have at least 50% Cool Down reduction to upkeep most buffs.
Secondary: Savagery, Brutality, Clarity. The first two buffs up our DPS, while Clarity allows us to manage our Mana better.
Tertiary: Haste, Will. Haste increases our DPS a bit further, Will offers some extra Mana management (however there are many other sources to get enough Will, such as consumables and/or a friendly priest with Mass Shield feat).

6) Epic Stats
Primary: Flux, Glory, Poise
(since you have a healer in most group content, you should be always at max health). These epic stats boost Ability Power making some of our war cries even stronger (offering even more support) and also enhancing our other feats.
Secondary: Juggernaut, Onslaught, Voidstrike. These all offer some extra DPS, can never go wrong with them.
Tertiary: Berserk, Blasting, Lifesteal. Having a bit of these is fine, but as a DPS you shouldn't get hit too often so you can't really capitalize on their true value.

7) Consumables
- Mana potion (for all your Mana needs)
- Brunch/Fish Fillet/Mana Roll/Dram of Malice (all useful stat boost, no reason not to use them)
- Extra ones (if you willing to farm or can buy): Scornyx (restores Mana and offers amazing Mana management stats) / Gralla Seeds (extra Mastery = extra effectiveness)

8) Rotations
Basically the build boils down to two different rotations. The main one is the War Cry rotation which is about upkeeping the buffs/debuffs and also dealing good AoE damage. This uses the 2nd half of our feat bar. The DPS rotation uses the first half and it is about dealing good single target damage. Main point of the build is to support others, so War Cry feats should always take priority.

a) The War Cry rotation
Frenzied Strike -> Demoralize
-> Turn the Tide -> Battle Cry -> Rally -> (Deadly Tactics) -> (Brutal Force) -> Whirlwind -> Demoralize -> Whirlwind -> (Whirlwind)/Dragon Strike -> DPS rotation / War Cry feat

This is your battle opener most of the time. After this use DPS rotation but whenever a War Cry is up again use it (to upkeep buffs and reduce cooldown of other War Cries). Turn the Tide's buff won't be up 100% of the time, but with this rotation it will have a minimum down time. As you can see if you have Brutal Force up you can dish out 2 Bloodlust Whirlwinds and one normal Whirlwind under it, dealing massive AoE damage. Dragon Strike can be used as an extra AoE damage or as a stun to ease the burden on the tank/healers.

b) The DPS rotation
Above 50% enemy health:
Frenzied Strike -> Griffin Strike -> (Slash if not up) -> Phoenix Strike

Under 50% enemy health:
Frenzied Strike -> Raging Blow -> Griffin Strike -> (Slash if not up) -> Phoenix Strike -> War Cry/Repeat

9) Extra tips and tricks

- If you want to dish out more damage, you can use Raging Blow anytime and Dragon Strike for single targets, at the expense of even rougher Mana management.
-Whirlwind is best used with the Bloodlust buff, however during Brutal Force or when many mobs are just about to go down, you can use a normal Whirlwind for extra DPS. Otherwise do your War Cry rotation and use it with Bloodlust.
- A fresh Rally buff increases your fellow player's Health, however it does not heal them up, meaning they lose their Poise buff. Try to always keep Rally going to avoid team DPS loss (although healers should be able to top people off in a few seconds).
- You can ditch Rally for Slash. This means higher personal DPS, at the cost of not keeping buffs up 100% of the time.
- Use Mana potions early. If you start using them when you are already low on Mana it won't help too much. However using them early on when you still got 70-80% of your Mana will aid your management much better and allows you to keep using your feats a while longer.

If you want to know more about the warrior class in general check out my Warrior guide!

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Thanks for this guide! I will be using it for my new fury warrior I created.
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Just wanted to say thank you for posting this guide. I love playing bard/minstrel classes and even though we don't have one here specifically, this is a great close 2nd! Running this now with my new character!
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