Hey, I just started playing a few days ago and like it a lot. I am playing a shadow priest. Looking for a guild!


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There are lots of great guilds IG just find one that interests you hang with them and see if you are comfortable hanging with them then ask about joining. One thing nice about this game is guilds are not necessary to play the game just a shout for help or a question asked in world chat and you will get a lot of responses. Btw:Welcome to V&H
We are a very casual guild but you would be welcome to join A New Day on US1 or Wanderlanders on US3 I am guild leader for both but am most often found on US1 (Kaya on US1; Kaia on US3; Layla Littlenymph is name of co leader on both US1 &3) (though the pandemic has me on less frequently as I am logging in using a tablet that does not always cooperate with the game for switching between servers (or even logging on for any length of time)