Android, PC
Well hello everyone!

The New Dawn is always looking for active members to join their guild

What you Should Know

We are a casual friendly guild that does raids and events in this game. We dont have a specific focus but we do try to have a very friendly guild chat and help other members achieve their goals.

Why should you Join

Well we are actually a very "rich" guild. Here you will learn greek words, see pictures of our members cooking, learn about other countries! drink a lot :p and also yeah play the game lol


There is actually one requirement only. That is to be social in the game and active (well 2 things alright alright!). The reason for this is that we do like to get to know each other and we would like for anyone joining to feel a bit more close to people instead of toons!

How should you Join

Easy! just join the server , get to a nice lvl lets say 15lvl in which iam guessing you will know if this game is for you and then just let know an officer from new dawn. Just type in the global chat we are very active and will see you!

If that fails for a reason just email through the game the toon "Skoteinos"

thank you have fun in the game!!