Lately I have resumed playing ... I was planning to move to the normal PC client and then change each one on a mobile platform when I am busy, but having discovered that the steam data cannot be used for the mobile version is a bit with the tied hands ... having said that being a hunter I am building my character all on the nature branch, he wants it and quell to spend even some more points on Marksman to be able to increase the brutality with "Letality" and the damage to the next attack with "Deadly Aim" as shown here in the talent builder:

but these two talelnts that I said are not strictly necessary to be 100% competitive at the current cap, If and when you first play this is how your build will look (if you play up to 90):

The only problem is that you will have 5 points less to spend on "Resourcefulness" in order to unlock the last "cunning" from a certain point of view but "Cunning" and very useful because it adds an additional 30% of Vigor and Will have increased thus giving you more life and mana, but I don't think this is strictly necessary immediately to be competitive in dungeons or against the Elders as basic as an archer you will fight at a distance and never under the bounty or Elder.

It is clear, however, that if you care to have that 30% more it will be necessary then that you must at least complete the first rebirth at 30 as I did, so you will have the latter dis ultimated capped:

So... an additional 20 points per mè are almost unnecessary but only for the purpose of further improving your character, I hope the guide has been of great help to you and I hope you can tell me yours.
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