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My betta fish seems to refuse to eat. I woned my betta about 2 months ago and now he used to eat just fine. As I have a sleeping disorder problem sometimes I <moderator removed outside link> during the night and sometimes during the day. But I always feed him 3 times. I usually feed him freeze-dried blood worms, but recently he refused to anything. I don't know what happen with my betta, can anyone help me out to solve this problem. I am eagerly waiting for your suggestion.
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Wait a few days and try feeding him again some time fish need to have a fast to improve their health.
Just make sure you don't over feed him.

How often should you feed your Bettas?
The feeding schedule of your Betta is flexible and can be regulated by you. Still, we recommend you to feed it twice daily in the proportion that we have mentioned above. Keep a gap of 12 hours between the two meals and also make sure that the feeding time is regular every day.
It is also a good idea to give a break to your Betta from time to time to allow its digestive system to eliminate toxins and process everything. Fasting should be done once every week or two.
How to know if you are over-feeding your Bettas or not?
Bettas are greedy eaters and don’t know when to stop. In fact, they are known to eat until they significantly become sick.
Signs of over-feeding will be reflected pretty soon in them. These include bloating, swollen face, popped-up eye, constipation, among others. This is one of the major issues that Bettas suffer from in captivity.