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Thank you. I am glad to see we are done with pouring water from one cup to another as it has little to do with the original topic presented in the OP.
In fact, I don't believe I have seen a post relevant to the OP in the last several posts. How about we give the OP the respect it deserves by returning to the original topic.

Moving on...
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The way I see it, these are the PROS of having anonymous Mods:
  • Mods may not be targeted or harassed in-game, for doing their job and enforcing rules.
  • Mods may not benefit in-game, for being a Mod (ie, being shown favoritism or getting gifts/discounts).
  • Players who dislike a certain Mod or Mods, won't have to constantly see them in-game.
And these are the CONS of having anonymous Mods:
  • Mods will be less a part of our community, only appearing to enforce rules or run events.
  • Mods will need to switch accounts, each time they need to enforce a rule.
I can't decide if I support the OP's suggestion or not? 🤔

However, if the idea is implemented... I think the easiest way to do it, would be to have all current Mods keep their current Player names and just change their Moderator names. This way they may still keep in touch with their friends in-game, but they'll be anonymous when they're moderating.

I like the suggestion for: Otter Mod 1, Otter Mod 2, etc. 🙂
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Mods being in the community actually doesn't make sense. Being a mod is a job (at least as much as I'm aware of) so why would they need to be part of the community as a mod? Hypothetically speaking, would any of the devs play with their dev name if they want to play the game? No, they'll switch to an anonymous account and play there. The dev account exists for when they're hosting an event or when they want their presence to be recognized (unless they've forgotten to switch :p )
So i do think mods being anonymous is a good idea, although not sure how they're gonna stay anonymous cause players of each server know who the mods are. That's all my braincells for now 🙂