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That pink/purple spectral carpet on the stairs looks Fantastic! Can we get that for stay, prettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettyplease?


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That pink/purple spectral carpet on the stairs looks Fantastic!
I totally agree with that. What a cool visual ground effect, to have all of those beacons of the same color surrounding an area! :love:


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Tee hee! I can spot me in the background! XD *yay*

Wonderful capture! It looks so photographic! :D Mines turned up messy XD
She has had a lot of years doing screenshots even prior to V&H in the game I first met her in šŸ˜‰šŸ˜
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Thanks Elijah and Kaya! I do like trying to take a good screenshot :D
The biggest challenge is trying to keep myself out of the picture or making it so I blend in.
Some tips:
- Change graphics to the highest you can handle (i usually don't play like this, but getting a screenshot, it's ok if the game slows down) - mostly. Know which ones matter and which don't.
- Anti-aliasing maxed. Smooth lines for the prettiest pictures!
- Advanced lighting = On if your computer can handle it. Depends on where you are. It makes shadows and water look great.
- Shadows and reflections on, depending on your subject, and time of day. Play with it to see what you like.
- Ground cover and environment - sometimes things look better if you turn these down as they may obscure what you are trying to do.
- Get your toon out of the way or blend in. Face the camera and be a part of the picture, or get off your mount, /sit or take a scornyx. Dress to blend in. Select a player or object that makes you face the direction you want to be looking.
- Turn auto-hide feat bar on
- move your toon around, zoom in and out to frame your subject. Keep in mind you can crop the image after.

One final tip:
On PC, you can CTRL+F3 to toggle the entire HUD/UI. (though players also like to be able to find themselves in screenshots)
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