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Because you are a lvl 95 holy priest. We holy priests are ridiculous with our mana consumption. It's really wonderful. Play an earth shaman or shadow priest and let's talk about mana chugging.
Same with warriors.


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Same with warriors.
Depends on the build I’ve built my warrior with no mana stats and conservative moves and he was fine but a few more dps moves are very high consumption and require mana stats to rotate well. if I were to use the most possible of the heavy drain moves I could turn a warrior into a chugger easy, I bet the high dps furry ones do.
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*Blighted ones are 1500/30s and my suggestion is to change them so that they suffer no penalty in combat and give 3000 mana over 30 sec in and out of combat as they cost not only motes and blue bitter lime but also high craft cost and on top of that are rare consumables that require yo to get the recipe from elders or buy from others who have it. Not worth the extra 500 in combat considering the high cost and right now they also block you from spamming low lvl ones for the 10% if you use one. Really low value as they are right now. This should be good enough for most mana-heavy builds and would make more competitive gameplay possible for those spamming low LVL pots right now as it requires more calculated gameplay but still does not limit your power as much. It costs to use them and so they should be valuable.

*Replace the shield buff with a Will buff making people use propper mana potions that are close to their level to benefit from the extra Will that they get. and give the pots about 500max(debatable)- extra mana over 30 sec from the extra will (if the best potion for your level is used having 0 Will to begin with). Using correct potions will then grant a maximum of 1500 mana over 30 sec which is good enough for all casual gameplay or high intellect/clarity/will builds. Most non capped players dont stay long enough or build their char strong enough on some level lower than cap anyway.
*3500 max for blighted potions if you have 0 Will and use one, and less the more will you have ofc as with the normal ones.

*Remove the 10% tick from both basic and blighted mana pots.

I would not change any stats as they are working as is IMO.


As far as Health Potions I do love them as I have the aura of purity talent and they can crit for me. Around 150-200k is normal for me to get via a LVL 94 health potion(70.4k base value) with my crit chance. If they are changed so that crit affects them regardless of class or talents then they are great.

As far as blighted Health potions I agree that they are not strong enough as they should be taking in the fact that they cost exponentially more (as blighted mana pots) to make. Making them double the value (around 180k base value) would be the minimum number IMO to make them worth it. If they also could crit it would be good enough to aid you but not overpowered to rely solely upon.


I think these two changes would dramatically improve the state of health and mana potions and aid the stats intellect/will/clarity and vigor in a good way instead of relying on pots solely.
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