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Lucas Crowalker, Lucas Dragonheart, Lucas Pheonixfire
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The Lord of the Animals
Foronus Chyridian was made fun of by all humans because of his tail that he had gotten when a wizard placed a spell on him. He was abandoned by his parents, who were ashamed to have given birth to a monster. He then wondered around and found a man, in a mystical cavern. He was crying. The man took Foronus in, and raised him as his own. Then the man, who had now fashioned himself a name that all would fear, announced his name to the world: Lord Pyrrus, the Stone Lord. His wrath has now been sated, but Foronus, angry that his rescuer has been killed by a hero, strikes back, in a very smart manner. “You have received my invitation to a party in Sunkentooth. Come and bring your greatest heroes. I am going to congratulate you on slaying the stone lord. I have realized the error of my ways. Let us feast in my labyrinth of doom! Only people above 20 years old allowed in. Totally won’t try to imprison you there. Totally.” Fortunately for him, the people of Ardent were gullible.;)
“Look what arrived in the mail!“ Lucas said. He read the letter out loud. “A party? With the Animal Lord? We have gotta attend!” Vasupa said. “But how? We are all 10 year olds... “ Hal said. “Not for long! I can use my cooking to make an aging potion! It will ware off after 1 Hour tho.“ Swira said. “Ok, well everyone choose a class to be and let’s start getting ready!” Lucas said. Lucas became a wizard. Vasupa became a priest. Hal became a hunter. And Swira became a warrior.And Swira managed to make 2 extra rounds of the potion, meaning they would be 20 year olds for 3 hours.

”Psst! Swira! Why are you wearing a robe?” Vasupa whispered. “Warriors ARE supposed to wear robes, aren’t they tho?” Swira whispered back. Vasupa slapped her hand on her forehead. “We are SO dead...” she said quietly. They managed to get in, and then the party started. There was all kinds of food, and they ate quickly. But then when they tried to leave, the doors were locked. ”Wait, what?” Lucas said. Then a booming voice filled the room. “Thy who slayed the stone lord must perish. Along with Ardent. “ the voice said. Then, animals of all kinds dame into the room, no doubt by a magic walk-through-anything spell. They attacked, and everyone fought back. They ate the animals once they had been cooked, and then plotted how to stop the Animal Lord before saying good night. But Lucas stayed up. And then he heard something. The door opened. A man stepped inside. The man had a tail. Lucas was trying to be very silent but he accidentally coughed. The Animal Lord came and took Lucas to a fire pit to burn him alive. He yellled and then his friends woke up. “Where is Lucas?” Swira said. Then she heard the screamin* in the other room, and they all rushed there. They barged in. “Lucas, you’re staff!” They yelled, and threw him his staff. He knocked the animal lord unconscious with It. They untied him, and then they threw the Animal Lord into the fire pit, where he spent the last of his days. They escaped the fort and learnt never to trust someone with a tail.