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LIVESTREAM NOTES: Expansion Reveal for Shadow of the Eclipse!
Wednesday, May 13 2020

View the Twitch stream HERE

Livestream starts with Damon & Sarah
Sarah says "Thank you everyone for tuning in!" Right away, we have a Special Announcement: Very important!

00:00:45 "special" video plays (it's the Screaming Goats version of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You")
00:01:15 This makes Sarah *very* happy! She just can't get enough of the Screaming Goats!

00:02:01 Damon wants to show everyone how *he* is doing these days!

Damon says that COVID-19 has left him feeling "a little out of sorts lately" ! (Just joking!)

00:02:20 - now to get to what we are really here to talk about!
Sarah says that its time for the preview of what they have been working on. Unfortunately it will be MONTHS before it goes live, which is awful and stressful and...

She's just kidding! It's going to go live in just *5* days! Monday May 18th!

Damon says that this will be a "Beta Season" and there will eventually be 7 raids totals, but for the beta season we are starting with 2 raids, and things won't be perfectly play-balanced and the rewards won't be as good, but the Otters need live feedback from the community. Basically everyone who enters one of the raids will be live play-testing this, and all players will be able to play test. Most of the features will be in place. It will allow the Otters to get everything balanced and working as quickly as possible. Needs lot of iteration and lots of play-balancing.

So what is this new thing? What is this new Expansion?

00:03:55 It's called The Shadow of the Eclipse - this is the strange black pyramid we have been working on!

And inside the pyramid: Raids!

Is it end-game or high-level? It's open to level 20 and above. (probably it's going to be more like 30 and above) It's a pyramid of unlimited dungeons, and there will eventually be 7 raids total with unlimited dungeons in each. Starting by releasing the first 2 for everyone to play-test. You can join at any time, from anywhere in the game.

You can join open raids, invite your friends and create a group , go solo, or wait to join a public group that forms.

We have been on the Test Server for a while, and getting some feedback, and we are still working as we go. It's instanced, and combat-focused, but that doesn't mean we are not doing Villager stuff anymore - We are not going to be just "Heroes" and drop the villager stuff. We know there is some concern that we haven't focused on Villager stuff, but that doesn't mean we won't in the future.

We are basically finishing what we started 2 years ago when we put the dungeons out on Live, and for 2 years those have caused some problems and strife, and have needed work, so this is us finishing that. Villagers fear not!

Red Cloister and Heroic Halls was kind of like a "vertical slice" to just test the features and it took us a long time, but we wanted to make sure that it was fun before we did more work on it.

These raids will be instanced and unlimited, so you can keep playing them at higher and higher levels.

00:07:15 Diet Otter appears in chat! Damon tells us that Diet has been consulting with the Otters on this!

At first, these raids you can do at higher and higher challenge levels - at first they will be easy (some people will find it easy - others will find it a bit challenging) you can keep upping the challenge level until you feel really challenged level.

You can also solo and the system will adjust. It will be different for you as a solo than it will be as a team. This is accessible for all - Solo players will still have a LOT of fun!

We recommend level 20 at least so that you are familiar with the game

Eventually, they will be about 15 to 30 minutes in length; right now they are balanced for about 20 minutes. The clock is not as important as it was in the old raids. Before there were clock tiers, but that's not a thing anymore.

At some point we may put in a daily reward as we have now, but for now they are just unlimited repeatable.

00:09:39 Character Select screen has been redesigned by Ivar, News is on the right and Characters on the left (on SAC) You can join instantly just by clicking in the "Enter Raids" at the bottom (before even entering the world!)

00:10:12 The raid loading screen shows us: Leaderboards! There will be leaderboards per server

Currently shown is the Test Server leaderboards - some phenomonal testing has happened, and the feedback alone has been amazing. Huge thank you to our testers!

00:11:56 - Sarah wants Screaming Goat Mounts, as suggested in chat!

Moving on, as you can see, the leaderboard is ranked by the level achieved and the number of runs on the level.

Currently there are 1 person, 3 person and 6 person raids. Down the road, we may increase it to 12 person, and even 20 person raids but right now we are in beta season.

You can go in with 2 people if you want, but you will be on the 3 person leaderboard, and the raid will be balanced for a 3 person team.

You can set up raids as "friends only" or open to the public and you can join an open raid.

00:14:20 We see the first raid levels inside the tower or pyramid!

Damon currently only has unlocked the first level, called "The Chantuese's Rookery". On the right, you see villain (in this case, Lillith) and you can see her backstory as well. (Sarah tells us that we have actually heard of Lillith before, but may not be aware - take your time and read the backstories and lore!)

We wanted to come out with all new bosses for this feature, and came up with new models and everything.

Back to the screen - on the left, you see it says "Season of The Eclipse" and if you hover over the small "Beta" insignia it will offer a pop up to explain what is happening with the Beta.

On the left, under the "Season of The Eclipse" title, you can see the different seasonal rewards you can earn. The first one is a welcome gift, and goes right to your items. You get your rewards as you complete all of the dungeons at level 5, (Bronze) then level 10 for Silver, level 15 is Gold (a special mount!) (minor discussion about the word "bespoke") and platinum level at 20.

00:17:30 Let's start a Raid! Looking for Sean (the puppy rescue-er) and Ivar!

No, wait - Damon wants to explain the tower (pyramid) before we do the raid. This is the tower, and you go up the tower, and you work your way up. The top 4 or 5 will NOT be unlocked during the beta season. There will be different seasons, and different bosses, and sometimes we may bring back a boss, but in a different and new dungeon.

00:18:25 let's create a raid! Pick your size limit, and challenge level

Now we are in the foyer/lobby area.

Down the road, there will be a bunch more stuff in here, like vendors. Also, you can see the new name tags as others join; as you earn rewards you can choose and customize your name tag, (called "Player Flair") and even customize your cameo that other's see - you can see Ivar's example at 00:19:49

(Some of the beta testers join the raid to help fill the party)

00:20:19 Damon shows how you customize the Player Flair. (The old bio window is gone) The circle in the upper right corner of the poses window opens the Customize Flair window.

00:21:20 You can toggle your own name tag so that you can see it in game (everywhere in game)!

Right now you can only earn flair in raids, but eventually you can earn it in other ways, like rebirths.

You can see the Guild name just above the new name tag as well.

00:23:50 Diet (Cameron) has to leave us.

00:24:00 There will be a new Special raid currently, called "Ducats". (The name is from a medieval form of currency, and rhymes with "buckets") It is a special currency just from/for dungeons, and there will eventually be vendors in this outer waiting area that utilize this currency.

00:25:06 The raid leader will open the lever by clicking on it, and when he does, the raid will start!


(Damon turns on sounds for us to hear) Now the raid has started. The raid timer is at 20 minutes, but that will be changing in the future.

00:25:43 First battle - it's over quickly 00:26:24 and now we have a choice (notice the quest arrows on the ground) paths are meaningful, and are based on your party size. You choose a door to enter, 00:27:29 and we go to the next battle. 00:28:28 that boss is cleared, and we go get the bronze mallet that we will need next - now we go and ring the bronze gong.

00:29:006 We ring the bronze gong, and... The ice breaks to allow us into the next challenge. In this anteroom we have a different mob, and once they are defeated, we pick a door, and head for the next boss. We head to the altar to grab the silver mallet 00:30:36 and turn around to find a trap! Fight your way through, and take the silver mallet to ring the silver gong.

00:31:35 (brief pause for discussion about the challenge of balancing the experience so that it is as good as possible for everyone - and how solo players are tougher to balance for)

00:32:23 Ring the silver gong, and head to the next chamber to defeat that mob of sirens. 00:33:15 Ready to enter the next Boss chamber. Sarah asks if anyone has recognized the surroundings yet, where you may have seen this before? It was changed a lot - Sean & Ivar changed it quite a bit! You may have seen it before as the Cathedral!

00:33:46 So since we are at the beginning right now, there are two doors that you can see have bars over them - they don't exist for us right now because we aren't at a higher level yet. To prevent confusion those are barred until you reach that level.

00:34:12 As you go up, it gets snowier and colder! It's time to defeat the big boss - Lillith! 00:35:24 the raid is over and Lillith is defeated!

Now we see the results screen, and our first relics. You earn relics from raids that are special gear that you use in raids ONLY and they have unique powers and abilities. There will be one for each dungeon and you will use them only in raids.

00:36:45 We exit the raid, and go into the World (Zorian Bountylands) and Damon shows us how you can just hop right into the raid from anywhere.

We see that he can now go into the Bandicott Woods, and that Zikiti is our next big boss.

A question from chat about relics: Relics are passive for right now, but you also get a bit of Player Flair also.

00:38:19. Damon is going to start Bandicott Woods and set up a raid. We see the screen with some of the new lore that Sarah has written for this, and Damon reads it to us. Sarah points out that we didn't get to see/hear the previous chapter that would have been displayed before The Chantuese's Rookery

00:29:52 And we enter the next raid, Bandicott Woods. The raid gadget changes from icy blue to green forest poison-y color and it's a new woodland forest that Shaun created from scratch for the game!

00:40:57 Damon forgets to pull the lever to open the raid once the team is assembled! Damon notes that it needs to be a bit brighter!

The gate opens and we run into a whole new arena - and SPIDERS!

A whole different style of attack and raid - things popping out here, unexpected things. The lighting and artwork is amazing!

Notice that everyone has the same three quest arrows on the ground (you just can't see the other players arrows around their feet)

The raid gadget tells us to find 3 keys and defeat vicious spiders.

You don't get fast healing in these raids like you do out in the world after combat.

00:44:45 Found the key chest! And retrieved the axe

00:45:38 Time to go in a new direction - either Tangled Grotto or Whispering Wood - but first a brief discussion about the lack of a map in the upper right corner. Right now it's mostly because of a time constraint; maps take a LOT of time and work, and since this is a beta, you can still function with just the quest arrows.

00:46:25 And away we go to the Whispering Woods. As soon as we enter, we have a mob of cute little Spriggans that try to kill us. Keep following the arrows.

00:47:58 We have dealt with the Spriggans.

00:48:35 Another mob of spiders

00:50:08 We have killed everything and are coming up on a choice - Rober's Pass or Able's Rock

00:50:50 We go for Able's Rock, and... it's a TRAP! The spiders pin us to side of the hill by the road and we must fight our way out.

00:51:59 Damon says you have to be able to withstand this attack for a while.

00:52:48 Still battling mobs as we go through this area

00:52:50 We are down to 8 minutes and we are not to Zikiti yet

Damon tells us if the name tags become too visually crowded you can change that in your settings

00:53:29 Woodfred! Woodfred "rooted" us, and a whole bunch of smaller Woodfreds of all sizes have appeared!

00:54:33 Woodfred and his tiny minions are all defeated and we are running on to the Darkwoods. Sarah notes that this is taking longer, and Damon remarks that this is a much bigger zone.

00:55:15 Dealing with a mob of Darkwood Spriggans. Damon is worried about the timer now...

00:56:00 We have found Zikiti. She is an awesome looking scary thing!

00:56:47 Zikiti is defeated, and we see the raid results screen again. Damon notes that this was a very strong team that just ran, so it went pretty quickly with Zikiti at the end.

00:57:00 Question and discussion time

Yes, ALL of this will be available on mobile

Damon says there will be some advantage to higher levels, but it will also be kind of like the event zones, where it's more balanced.

Level 20 can solo. Level 10, not so much

OLD DUNGEONS WILL BE GONE IN 5 DAYS - so if there is anything you want/need to do in the old dungeons, now is the time!

New relics won't work in the old dungeons as a result.

No Crown sale for this update.

Servers will probably go down around 10 am Otter time (PDT) on Monday May 18.

This beta will be "separately attached" to the game, so if there is a huge problem of some kind, it shouldn't take down the entire game.

We want to hear your feedback, so jump in!

Yes, we are still doing the Vale event zone!

Stuff that is coming up (for the new dungeon system) that is not in this release is - 5 more raids, Ducats (the dungeon currency) & larger groups

Patch notes are coming on Friday for you to read!

Tons of bug fixes that should make everyone happy, especially mobile users.

Main quest line *will* be "connected" eventually - along with more Village content.

You are encourage to send in Bug Reports with any issue you encounter.

00:102:33 Damon shows us his relics now that he has completed Bandicott Woods, and it has a relic from Zikiti. The relics will make you stronger, change your stats and help you rank up.

No Zingara in the raids.

Currently the raids do not drop loot, they will eventually.

Hopefully Ducat vendors in a month or so.

We envision that we will go live on Monday and then fix a ton of bugs, and THEN once it is stable and healthy we will start to add more features.

Run the existing dungeons NOW because they will be gone on Monday!

Damon says that they will find a way to bring some of that old content back; there may be a legacy version of the old dungeons, there could be possibly be multiple towers open at once, or put the Rift into a tower, or just put the old dungeons into the new system.

Level 95 elders will NOT be changed to be instanced, there were some other things that have happened to them, but they are not instanced.

Maldwyn's Tomb will still be there.

Can we see other people's Elder levels with new nameplates? Not yet, good suggestion!

Vale Event Zone WILL come this year - almost did it before the raid release, but it will probably be July. Things got a little crazy - everyone is working from home now!

Look for a TON of really useful improvements (and they will be listed in the patch notes on Friday!)

Do Otters need more Apple Butter? No, thank you we have some left! That was delicous, thank you!

No Zings in the raid areas.

So once Vale starts, we will go into "Event Season" which is (in fairly short order: Vale, then Equinox, then Spookytown (Haunted Moors), then Grinchta) Has it already been a year?

A request for a Russian chat mod was made for EU1. Sarah notes that it is a possibility, EU1 is really thriving now.

No we can't sort characters on the Select screen currently.

Raid currency will NOT take up a bag space.

A request to allow mobile users to sort entire vault.

Asian server: Damon has wanted to get one going for a long time - possibly in South Korea, but it's going to be work, and it's on the list (which is always growing)

Discussion of Fury Warriors strength - Damon notes that everyone always thinks their class needs to be rebalanced, but to submit real feedback to the devs - you can do that through the Forums, which they DO read.

Tradable Motes: Going to hold off on that for now until the raids are more sturdy and implemented, and for now, Blighted Isles kind of serve that function, and they have increased the drop rate there.

Damon agrees that Fury Warrior might need some help to be able to solo.

Sarah says defintinly post this feedback on the Forums - the Otters DO read the forums, and they do take the feedback seriously and pay attention to what players say!

Can we get player recolored outfits? It's on the list!

Can we convert Crowns to Gold? Gold to Crowns is very dangerous, and it feels like that there could be a potential exploit there, so for now, no. You can sell Crowns on the Auction House for Gold, so there is a way to do that.

Pink shield request noted.

Pet management system or pet wallet please? Also make pets last longer? Maybe...

Penguin Mounts for Orphans are requested. Screaming Goat mounts are Sarah's favorite new idea.

Season 1 of the new dungeons (when we are out of beta season) will have a livestream for all of the bosses!

We are excited for Monday - it might be crazy, but hopefully a good kind of crazy!

Someone wants to know is Mallok a Shaman? Sarah says NO, and you have to earn your lore! Damon says "Sarah is the keeper of the Lore - The way he (Damon) read the story was that Mallok mastered all 4 classes, and was misunderstood because he wanted to bond with all of these groups but was rejected". Sarah just says, he was NOT a Shaman!

Vale does NOT come out with this event, it will be later this summer.

Sarah says that for those who read the Two Sisters story, there is a TWIST involved in that that will ultimately answer all of our questions about Mallok!

And no... again... no Zingara in the raids.

You can see the creativity that Sean has brought to the raids, like with when the spiders pin you down against the hill.

Damon explains why "instancing" is important to raids. Basically, if you don't have "instances" (where each group has their own "private" raid once it starts that no one else can enter) then another group could come through, and kill the next boss your group needs to kill, and then it throws everything off, and you have to wait for a boss to respawn, and the game can't keep "state" (which is where it keeps track of everything properly). When it's instanced, the game can automatically keep "state" and you can do so much more.

Sarah notes that although she has not written out the entire storyline, she knows what it is, and has it all figured out, and she knows what's going to happen, and where the story is going! (Editor's note: I hope that the story never ends!)

If someone is disconnected can you rejoin your instance (or exact party)? No. BUT If you die, you don't leave the raid if you resurrect.

00:18:50 Everyone stay healthy and safe!

If things go terribly wrong, please be patient - we will fix the problems, and remember it's a beta!

Monday! Monday! Monday!

edited to correct a couple of issues (see below) and cleaned up some punctuation/added a bit of detail here and there.


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What is “spooky town”?


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What is “spooky town”?

typo? “Level 95 elders will not be changed to be instanced, but they are not going to be instanced.”
LOL “SpookyTown” is what Sarah said in the video, and as I transcribed it just sailed over my head ... Let me fix that!

On the 95 elders, I need to recheck that portion, and correct it.


Edited to add: Went back and "corrected" "SpookyTown" to "Haunted Moors". Also fixed most of the punctuation errors (yep, there may still be one or two there) and I also fixed the reference to the 95 Elders. Added a few things in the final Q&A session that I missed the first time for clarification as well.

Please remember that this is a volunteer effort, and that the time to create the transcription (typically) takes at least twice as long as the original livestream to complete; timestamped transcriptions take longer. I do try very hard to be as accurate as possible, and include relevant screen shots where possible (sometimes, as with this stream, there are SO many possibilities for screen shots it's overwhelming!) and keep the transcriptions as accurate as possible, however there are times when for readability and translation purposes, some (gentle) editing is required.

This is a labor of love, from one player to another, and is done for those in our community who (for whatever reason) cannot attend the original livestream, cannot watch the livestream because of audio issues, or need a transcript to translate to another language.

Sarah Otter

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@Nadiria - You did an absolutely fantastic job!! ❤ Thank you so much for the time and work you put into these, it really shows. (And I know I for one, especially enjoy reading them because I never go back and watch livestreams so I tend to have no idea what actually ended up coming out of our mouths. :D)

@CaraLox - Spooky Town was the old name for Haunted Moors for many years, and no matter how hard I try, my brain always reverts back to it!


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@Nadiria - You did an absolutely fantastic job!! ❤ Thank you so much for the time and work you put into these, it really shows. (And I know I for one, especially enjoy reading them because I never go back and watch livestreams so I tend to have no idea what actually ended up coming out of our mouths. :D)

@CaraLox - Spooky Town was the old name for Haunted Moors for many years, and no matter how hard I try, my brain always reverts back to it!
You are not the only one Sarah
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Spooky Town was the old name for Haunted Moors for many years, and no matter how hard I try, my brain always reverts back to it!
I honestly did not even notice that you accidentally said "Spooky Town" instead of "Haunted Moors!" :ROFLMAO: (Nor did I notice it in the original transcription here! LOL)

I have friends who still say "beams" instead of "timber," "pigs" instead of "ingots," and "decoctions" instead of "oil!" And of course, off the top of my head, I cannot think of the V&H anachronisms that come out of my own mouth, but I know that they exist!! :p

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I honestly did not even notice that you accidentally said "Spooky Town" instead of "Haunted Moors!" :ROFLMAO: (Nor did I notice it in the original transcription here! LOL)

I have friends who still say "beams" instead of "timber," "pigs" instead of "ingots," and "decoctions" instead of "oil!" And of course, off the top of my head, I cannot think of the V&H anachronisms that come out of my own mouth, but I know that they exist!! :p
I am one of those few who still use these words.

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I mean, beams/timber and pigs/ingots are just plain synonyms, so not really incorrect at this point to say either... :D
I'll just go craft and harvest some pigs real quick. :D
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Thanks for that, I look at the broadcasts they do, but since I don't speak English I can't understand the conversation, although I saw the post very late, I already caught up on what they talked about
Thanks very much.