I dismount every time I go through a portal or teleport to another zone or in the same zone. I use /clearcache often and will close my game out every few hours if I play a long time to clear my windows cache. I also do the cleaning and/or relogging (close game completely) if I have spent time gathering or crafting. I have used this method for several years now and only rarely lose body parts during play.


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Thanks to Maj, I've figured out not only what fixes this problem, but perhaps the cause. Since the first day I started playing I have had the setting to auto-mount activated. I like this feature a lot, but after reading what Maj wrote I first experimented with dismounting prior to every teleport, however this turned out to be annoying. Then, I recalled the setting and disabled it. I can now port and haven't had ONE issue of invisibility since I disabled that setting. I hope this helps those of you who were super annoyed with this glitch. Disable auto mount and enjoy the game just like you did before this started. Thanks Majenta!