Royal Guardian
Who am I? Who should I be? Who am I to you?
Am I someone here that you despise, to beat beneath your shoe?
Am I some nameless monster? Worthless, without care?
Does it truly bring you pleasure, to cause me such despair?
So hungry in your rage, so happy in my plight,
Do you think I caused you harm - out of malice, out of spite?
Did you jump to a conclusion because the mob thought it a game?
In the shadows, in dark places, did you curse upon my name?
For one second did you imagine what was on the other side?
For one moment did you picture the human that you deride?
That never once, in his defense spoke a single word?
And never once did protest, despite all he’d seen and heard?
Continue in your victory. Continue in your rage.
Continue gathering supporters to this war you wage.
Continue in your fight to spread lies and your deceit.
You’ve got me on the run, you have forced my swift retreat,
I commend you for your bravery to strike me without pause,
I hope it brings you happiness, to harm another without cause.
No matter how you justify it, no matter who you may persuade,
I was just another worthless person to bleed beneath your blade.


Royal Guardian
Poem June 24
He wears no clothes, he does not try,
He does not bathe, makes others cry,
He’s here to dance, and will not sing,
Jytal’s arrived, all hail the king!
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Royal Guardian
Poem May 3
Annie is here, avert your gaze!
We are not worthy, we are but knaves,
She provides help to the small and help to the weak,
With none of the glory that others do seek!
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Royal Guardian
Poem June 6
Welcome class to “How to Spell”, I’m here to grade your work!
I hope that you have studied well, And surely haven’t shirked.
I see that each of you are wrong, In your spelling of the “Bard.”
It’s spelled “Imp”
I know I’m right, it really isn’t hard.


Royal Guardian
Poem June 2 - Ode to Auction Grifters
A key on the auction is there for a price,
Someone has placed it, someone not nice,
For 20 more gold than is sold at a vendor,
I’m confident this person is on a bad bender,
And an ignorant soul will soon lose their gold,
And the grifter will win for just being bold.
A mote on the auction costs twice what it should.
At 24 silver it’s truly not good.
8000 gold for 1000 motes,
They’re robbing me blind! They’re stealing my coat!
Topaz for sale! Topaz for sale!
Up on the auction if you’ll believe my tall tale.
Someone has placed gems by the pound,
Up on the auction is where they are found,
And foolishly you could buy all of them there,
To sell at a loss to a vendor - beware!
I have a stack of apples, at a bargain price,
I put them on the auction, just because I’m nice.
Nine gold for my apples, if you want to buy,
You know they’re very tasty because the price is very high!


Royal Guardian
Poem May 1
On this day in history, Impresario died.
Coffee in hand, you can’t say he tried…
To hurry along to his chores in the yard,
And the whole server witnessed the death of this bard.

The sight was quite ugly, so all did shield their eyes,
The death was not swift, and was not a surprise,
He sat there in world chat, joking for hours,
While Reason sharpened her knives near the unweeded flowers.

How could have known that it was his last day?
Though he ignored all the mowing, and continued to play,
The children sat hungry, and the yard long forgotten,
As Imp chatted in world chat, when Reason did got him.

And though he lies dead, and can’t chat no more,
And though still he lies there, and lies there some more,
The grass keeps on growing, and grow on it will,
For Imp’s ghost haunts world chat, and the lawn mower still.


Royal Guardian
Poem May 1
Prisma’s a fairy that appears once a year,
On the hills of a meadow and bringing good cheer,
She hovers in silence, she hovers with grace,
Then cries out in rage when the players give chase.

They show up in dozens, they show up in scores,
Hunters and Shamans, and still there is more,
Warriors shout, and arrows take flight,
And thirty-odd priests all cast their smite.

When the dust of the battle is carried away,
And the sun hovers low at the end of the day,
The heroes and Prisma stop for a bite,
With a picnic of pies that are sure to delight.


Royal Guardian
Poem June 30
The moment that’s now is the moment that’s lost,
I failed to embrace it, and thus paid the cost.
They say seize the moment. They say seize the day.
But I’m holding my breath so it won’t get away.
Where are the hours that flee with the sun?
Where are the minutes that have not yet begun?
Am I quite paralyzed with a future unknown?
Afraid to step forward and sink like a stone?
This lump in my throat, this weight on my chest,
Mock my anxieties in a cruel, twisted jest,
The only path forward is the one that you take,
The only moments you own, are the moments you make,
Conquer the fear, slay doubt and neglect,
You deserve this next moment, you deserve self-respect.


Layla Littlenymph
PC, Steam
I am glad you found the words for #81 & 88. Be well, my friend.

On a totally unrelated note, you once told me how you came by your gamer handle and I found it an interesting story. You don't have to share if you do not wish but I have always wondered if your lovely wife has an equally interesting story behind her name choice.

Is there a particular reason that Reason reasoned Reason to be a reasonable name or, did Reason choose Reason for reasons of Reason's own?


Royal Guardian
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I am the Rhyme to her Reason. She’s my Reason to my Rhyme.
One without the other, would surely be a crime.
One is very random, with spontaneous little thought,
And without some motivation would have slowly turned to rot.
And the other needs some balance to all the plotting and the plans,
To look beyond tomorrow, and embrace the day at hand.
One without the other, the other would not be,
I am nothing without her, without her I am not me.


Lyrra, Lythe, Livelie, Chicken Little, xFURIx
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#81... Wow! I love all your poetry Sir Bard of the Seven Realms... all the whimsical and random thoughts. You are a gem... a person who truly gives a damn and tries hard to make the game a good experience for all. Just know that you have a lot of supporters who love and appreciate you... ❤


Layla Littlenymph
PC, Steam
That is exactly the type of answer I expected.
Well said. :)


Royal Guardian
I join the crowd that surrounds the loom,
Elbow-to-elbow, no sitting room,
All stand at the ready, all ready to go,
To be the first at the loom, ready to sew.

We stood there for minutes that turned into days,
Tempers were flaring, and patience was frayed,
For the moment the station started to glow,
Only one from the crowd got a chance there to sew.

We waited anew for the station once more,
What once was quite fun was now a terrible chore,
Where once we were friendly to all that we know,
Now we pushed and we shoved for we were ready to sew.

I was never the first, and so I am the last,
A part of the crowd that was never quite fast,
The part of the crowd who cried out in woe,
Stuck there and waiting for our turn to sew.
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Grand Shaman
My dedication to Imps services to us.

This poem was made,
on request of Imp.
And if it is not good,
My booty, he will kick.

So here's my attempt,
At a hum'rous poem.
But if it doth fail,
Then I shall be goin'.

Ok, that's enough!
Of the jokes and the fakes!
Oh, damn this to hell.
I can think of just cakes.

My rhyming is off,
My timing is worse.
For the next rhyme I can think,
Of just the word Verse.

Don't ask me how,
this has anything to do.
With me, dear Imp,
or even with you.

But you asked for a poem,
So here it is now done.
This poem needs more.
Bring the next one!

By one I mean Stanza.
Yes, I said it, it's true.
This rhyming is crap,
Better, I should do.

The sentences suck.
and now I'm smilin'
'Cause while you read this,
I know you'll be laughin'

See?! That rhyme!
It was not even real!
My poem's affected,
by my last meal.

Now I'm just writing
things that'll rhyme.
I'll give this a chance,
just one last time.

Dear Imp, we love you.
As friend and then some.
But see me on Endless,
And then we'll have fun.

For now I must end,
But not before this:
Lrn 2 spl nub!
U tak de piss!

This stanza is bugging me
I had to make this worse.
So this is the end