Allison Wonderland

Royal Guardian
Poem November 11
I found a purple node today,
While happening along my way,
I came across it in the town,
Near the path I was going down.
It glimmered and sparkled bright,
Catching a glow from soft moonlight,
I had to stop and watch the view,
I quite forgot just what to do,
And before I could raise a hand,
Another stopped and took command,
Scooping up the precious parts,
Leaving me nothing as he departs,
Gone in a wink, a blink of an eye,
The purple node whispered a silent "good bye."
:)you snooze you lose:)


Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
Poem November 23
The Deepwater Angler is a fish that's admired,
Their translucent fins have surely inspired,
The poets from across all seven realms,
To write of this fish that so overwhelms -
One's sight - for it's beauty is tremendously grand,
And so rarely one finds them swimming so near the land,
For their home is found far off the coast,
Deep in the water where there resides most,
In schools tightly circling, a glimmering dance,
One may drown as drawn in with eyes in a trance.
Cast out your lines and let down your hooks,
And bring back this fish to admire it's looks,
Then quickly return it so that our children may see,
A fish that cuts through the water so magnificently.


Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
Poem November 25
The might of a dragon is quite boundless, they say,
Reducing many brave souls to the simplest of prey.
With interlocked scales that deflect every blow,
And razor-sharp claws that bring nothing but woe.
None can withstand a dragon in flight,
For with one fiery breath they quickly ignite,
All that's beneath them as far as they see,
All buildings and grasslands, every flower and tree.
They cannot be captured, they cannot be slain,
No object can hold them, none can restrain,
But one fabled item, of which minstrels sing,
An impenetrable twine that can bind tooth and wing,
Fashioned from silk from the Pyrrick Silkworm,
By the very best tailors - this I’ll confirm,
Once carefully fashioned and twice over blessed,
This magnificent twine can easily best,
Any grand dragon, both young and old,
By your average adventurer, be he foolish or bold,
For once lured inside the Pyrrick’s firm grasp,
The twine is released and the net does collapse,
Thus binding the dragon and ending its terror,
Now bound to the earth and restrained from the air.



Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
Poem Dec 24
Dedicated to JenMack, who is known far and wide as both an excellent healer, and someone that absolutely must not be woken once asleep.

'Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the village,
The trolls had awoken,
And they started to pillage,
They robbed every node,
And looted the vault,
No one knew they were coming,
So there's no one to fault.

They came for the chickens,
When we sounded the bell,
Warning all of their villainy,
'Cross creek, hill and dell,
And when all seemed lost,
And we could fight no more,
There came a sound,
from down by the shore.

"I needed my nap!"
Jen started to yell,
"Now face my wrath,
I'll smite you to hell!"
She swapped out her mace,
That was glowing with light,
To one cloaked in shadows,
That radiated fright,
She raised it high,
And the air crackled with smoke,
The trolls scrambled in fright,
Then one of them spoke.

"We meant you no harm,
It's all just a game,
We'll put it all back,
It will be just the same!"
Jen smiled, and calmed,
"I suppose that's ok,
After all it is Christmas,
Just go on your way."

So the trolls gathered themselves,
And prepared for their leave,
But then Jen again raised her mace,
And quickly did weave,
A blast that leveled the gate,
And flattened the ridge,
Leaving no sign of the trolls,
Or of the town’s great bridge,
“Merry Christmas to you,
Now you trolls know the cost,
If you wake me from sleeping,
Then your lives will be lost.”


Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
Poem January 4

The sorriest sight I ever did see,
Valyant the Brave, as dead as can be.
Alone on the isle, scarlet as blood,
He took a short break then died with a thud.
When stepping away from your keyboard take care,
To take a step back from the boss that spawns there.


Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
The poem below was inspired by two separate things. First - by a friend describing a series of IT systems at work. Second - my memory of a children's book titled Septimus Bean and His Amazing Machine. Like all of my poems, this is probably terrible but I intend to subject you to it anyway. :ROFLMAO:

Poem March 6, 2020
Let me tell you a story of a wondrous machine,
Owned by a man named Billy-Joe-Dean,
Who organized it in ways you won’t understand,
All turned by a crank by his wondrous hand.

With the turn of the wheel he sets it in motion,
Moving a block across a tub full of lotion,
To a chute down a path covered in nails,
Then back to a tub filled with some whales,
That tickle the object with bubbles they blow,
And off to the next phase the block starts to glow.
Munchkins with hammers tap at the edges,
Then it’s up some stairs to a room full of hedges,
When the block finally arrives at a large yellow door,
The block slowly emerges looking just as before.

One may want to ask of Billy-Joe-Dean,
What is the purpose? What does it mean?
He never has answered, never a word,
At least not an answer that anyone’s heard.


Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
Poem March 9, 2020
The man in the window is looking at me,
Or at a reflection that I cannot see.
Is this a metaphor with hidden meaning?
Subtle phrases that are concealing,
A lesson here that I must find,
Or has our poet lost his mind?


Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
Poem March 10, 2020
The clouds outside remind me,
That the sky is vast and high,
And though they’re sometimes dreary,
I am glad they happen by,
For what is sun without the rain,
And stillness without the breeze?
What is life without the pain,
And warmth without a freeze?
You cannot know without a need,
No matter who you are,
So I am glad for clouds indeed,
Though they are up so very far.


Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
Poem March 11, 2020
Have you ever wondered how Ardent Castle should appear,
When looking from the outside on a day that‘s bright and clear?
Standing from above or on a hill so far away,
Does the footprint match the inside or does it giveaway,
That appearances are deceiving where walls and windows are displayed,
Can we find the same internally, is it carefully arrayed?
These are questions that I’m asking, so if I may suggest,
We all head out to the castle and try our very best,
With rulers, tape, and measures so we can validate,
That every brick and hallway we can clearly demonstrate,
Was carefully placed by Otters to add realism to their game,
I don’t mean to sound obsessive, but I know you’ve thought the same,
That realism is important in a fantasy MMO,
I know you will agree with me, it is quite apropos.


Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
July 8 - US3 Poetry in Summers Hollow Event
This is a social event held on US3 each month.

There was a little dash under once so long he had no notion,
How long it took to notify his tail of his emotion.
And thus it was that while his eyes were filled with woe and sadness,
His little tail kept wagging on because of former gladness!

The last person on earth,
Hears a knock at their door.

There was a little squishy warrior,
He thought he could do better,
All was given by a said vendor,
Nothing like the bogfrog that would deter,
All the squishiness would go,
Till he would be no more,
A legacy was on hold or so-so,
Then he became a bore,
All was lost in his pride,
Then a trader idol was sent
So the knight grew into a grind
So our hero became a sirbabbo

By Emily Dickenson
If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.

Fallon Austerian
Walls have ears, doors have eyes.
Trees have voices, beasts tell lies.
Beware the rain. Beware the snow.
Beware the man you think you know.
They’re always listening, always waiting.
Always forgetting what time is taking.

Roses are red,
Traders idols are brown,
If you send an idol to chooey,
I would not frown.

Vittoria Vixen
Friendship, author unknown
Friendship needs no studied phrases, polished face, or winning wiles;
Friendship deals no lavish praises, friendship dons no surface smiles.
Friendship follows Nature’s diction, shuns the blandishments of art,
Bolfly severs truth from fiction, speaks the language of the heart.
Friendship favors no condition, scorns a narrow-minded creed,
Lovingly fulfills it’s mission, be it word or be it deed.
Friendship cheers the faint and weary, makes the timid spirit brave,
Warns the erring, lights the dreary, smooths the passage to the grave.
Friendship-pure, unselfish friendship, all through life’s allotted span,
Nurtures, strengthens, widens, lengthens, man’s relationship with man.

In honor of preparing for the vale
Beetles may be large or small,
Shaped from flat to humpy tall,
Iridescent red or yellow,
Every one is a stackable fellow

Princess Unicorn
Purple Cow, by Princess Unicorn
Once there was a purple cow, who was bullied by others.
Because he was different, he was picked on by his sisters and brothers.
One day the cow sadly walked along,
as he sniffed and cried,
He thought up a song,
He sang it to the birds in the trees,
He sang it to the honeybees.
His siblings sat watching in awe,
All along they seemed to think the purple cow had no talents at all!
But now they heard a beautiful song,
And realized what they should have done all along.
So from that day on, the cows got along.
And learned that no matter how different you are,
You’re still special!
Moral to the story - be a purple cow!

We travel many roads,
We meet many new faces,
Along the way we all are family,
No matter who or what we do,
Someone bound to give a helping hand,
Love one another, friends for life.

So there I am, tiredly about to run bounties on Traven Isle,
Suddenly my guildmate Aria rides up in style.
She is followed closely by a Yeeter wearing a crown,
She invites me to group and I think "sure, I'm down!"
You see, I was having trouble killing with my weapon, made by Io,
It was once a great weapon, but that was 10 levels ago.
Without warning she takes off running by,
I still had my inventory open, clicking on a pie.
Now the pie was from the guild vault, made by Reason,
She lovingly keeps them stocked year round, no matter the season.
But back to the bounty run, I've let my mind wander...
Where did she go? I don't have long to ponder.
Way up ahead I think I saw a blur,
I ride as fast as I can, hoping it was her.
As TCY and I follow bounty after bounty go down,
Man this Aria chick doesn't mess around!
Before I know it Traven is completed, super efficiently,
I wouldn't have done anything differently.
"Pyrron Courtyard" is all Aria typed,
My first time going there, man I'm hyped!
Round and round she runs, killing, and up each ramp,
Just trying to keep up, my hands are getting damp.
I barely kept up with her, try as I might,
Couldn't even cast a spell to join in the fight!
After Courtyard is done, Aria types "Lower Keep."
And I just think to myself "I'm glad I didn't just go get some sleep."
When Lower Keep is cleared Aria calls it, we are done,
I gained almost 3 levels and had so much fun.
Even more levels were gained by the rebirthed Crowned Yeeter,
When it comes to powerleveling Aria's the best, no one can beat her.

Vittoria Vixen
Quantum is a wonderful guild, with a snowberry, Khitti and Beane.
Ready to help and make great friends, a family is what we all seem.
Laughter and fun, prizes and contests, great many things await,
But what's in store couldn't possibly be more, than great fun and reasons to celebrate.

Rebirthing once again.
I forgot my pie.

This portion of the event is titled, "Stump the Poet." Players in the audience provide the topics for the poems. The goal isn't so much to include every topic that's provided, but to try and and incorporate as many as possible and still make a poem that makes sense.

Purple Cow, Khitti, Traders Idol, Bean, snow berries, sirbabbo, zings

A purple cow is really neat,
The milk from it cannot be beat,
You trade for some with an idol,
Then lead the cow with a bridle,
To a place wheres no berries grow,
Near some beans that like to glow.
I know not where this place may be,
But ask sirbabbos if he'll take thee.

red head (a new player that was present at the event), fingernail parings, TyTanya, Unicorns, formula one, from, Sanction, pickles, toe jam, 15 pages
Red head arrived to our game,
Seeking a challenge of fortune and fame,
He went on a quest to find pickles and toes,
But instead found some Unicorns wearing bright purple bows,
They were guarding the fingernails out near Drom's top -
And that's where this poem will finally stop.


Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
Poem July 21

Time is a heartbeat that never slows,
Never speeds up, and onward it goes,
Unrelenting in it’s constant pursuit,
To pass from this moment in rapid commute.

Some say the world is standing quite still,
Locked down and waiting until we fulfill,
Some obligation to the world as a whole,
A connection of kindness set deep in our soul.

We’re losing this moment - it passes us by,
Time will not stop, though ignore it we try,
And though we stand still like the rock in the stream,
Onward it flows, it’s presence supreme.

We hide from the future and ignore our past,
The escape that we seek is not meant to last,
Enter the stream and each do our part,
For this is the moment to speak from your heart.


Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
Poem July 27

Those who were hungry could always rely,
On Tiffa’s grand grille as a steadfast standby,
Always prepared with a dish or a treat,
For that were hungry or in need of retreat.

Serving ice cream and noodles by the plate or the bowl,
Fish Fry and veggies, and food for the soul,
When Tiffa arrived to share from the stove,
The whole server lined up in crowds and in droves.

If you need a feast fit for a king,
If you need to cater for a dance or a fling,
If you have a party and you just quite forgot,
Just call for Tiffa and worry for naught!

Sushi prepared by the platter and more,
Who wants a flank of roast dinosaur?
Exotic fruit from a land far away,
The juice from a flower that blooms only in May!

Wondrous food for which there’s no end,
And no one in Ardent cares if it is pretend,
Those who were hungry could always rely,
Which makes it so hard that he said goodbye.


Royal Guardian
Impresario | Divindi
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Poem July 30
Dedicated to a special young lady (you know who you are), an aspiring poet and an amazing wizard.

With spark in her step the young wizard attacks,
She wiggles her fingers and the monster reacts,
It turns surprised to see one so small,
Blasting magical energies twenty-feet tall.

What she lacks in experience she makes up with joy,
She delights in the magic that she can employ,
To tear down her enemies in one single blast,
Astonishing her mother and leaving others aghast!

Her mother, Lavendaria, had one thing to say,
"She's rather quite brilliant, though I know it's cliche,
For a mom to be proud of one of her own,
But she blasted that Elder right down to the bone!"

Expect great things from Lavendaria's daughter,
And if you're in a bind with dozens of enemies to slaughter,
Call on the services of this wizard quite young,
For tales of her deeds have already been sung.