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In response to a guild mate asking if they should be holy, shadow or balance:

Everyone says that I must choose,
put my points in holy or I will lose,
But I say that the voices (that only I hear),
Must be dead wrong (so I say, with a sneer),
So I put one point in everything and spread them all around,
I find this way is truly best to avoid dying on the ground.

In response to confusion in world chat due to too many people named "Kitty" or "Kitten":

"Too many cats!I shouted too loudly,
Only to find that the kittens - quite proudly,
Would gladly reveal both tooth and claw,
And attack my poor person in tiger-ish maw,
For they are quite pleased with their kitten invasion,
And expect all of us to be of similar persuasion.


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Poem April 8
You can't judge a game with a three second glance,
You must give it a try, you must give it a chance.
A game is much more than the first thing you see,
More than the graphics, be they awesome or chintzy,
There are so many things to consider and weigh,
Beyond the three seconds when you first started to play.

Consider the people, both in game and out,
The ones that are playing, and the ones thereabout,
The ones on the forums, the ones in support,
Those that develop - do they have names they report?
Do they care for the player in all they design?
Or do they just try to rob you and treat you as swine?

Consider the content, the quests and the plot,
Are they built with care, with depth and with thought?
Is their humor and jokes interwoven within?
Or do they just send you to kill rats again and again?
Are you forced to buy weapons, armor and gear,
Just to progress to the very next tier?

Do not be swindled by a game mass produced,
With loot boxes and lottos designed just to boost,
The company's profits through your new-found addiction,
And leave you with regret from their awful deception.
And to be perfectly clear, lest any read with concern,
Give our game more than three seconds and you'll surely learn,
The devs and community we have are some of the best,
And we're willing to bet that the content will also impress.


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Apologies for being idle on the forums. Life got busy! I’ve been actively writing poems in world chat on US3 and I’m keeping a running archive that I’ll post sometime soon.

Poem May 6
I’ve been staying quite busy, away from my priest,
She levels quite slowly - without my help at least,
She’s rather quite lazy all through the day,
Without my encouragement to continue her play,
She suffers a malady, indecision’s her curse,
And without my instruction she’ll only grow worse,
So I’ll return to her soon, as soon as I’m able,
I’d hate for the absence to make her unstable,
And shift from her holy path that she’s set upon,
To embrace the darkness due to my being withdrawn.


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Poem May 23
All my pigs are in a pile,
I think they've been there for a while,
When I visit I bring them food,
They pile up, hungry and rude,
And when each has had his turn,
In a pile they adjourn,
In siesta, there they nap,
Dream of mushrooms and some scrap,
I find it strange, pink pigs piled,
Muddy, messy and reviled,
Piled, parked, outside my home,
Fenced in close, so they don't roam.


Pink peppered pigs pack pickles pretentiously while picnicking pleasantly in plain patterned pantaloons.



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Poem July 12

All the nodes throughout the town,
Their stock, it seems, is going down,
So if you please, do not forget,
To visit the vault, and without regret,
Take twenty of the type you need,
To refill the node - it's a great deed,
One that will fill your guldmates with joy,
For an empty node will surely annoy.


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Poem July 17
The fairies were flying all through the vale,
And all were respawning at the pace of a snail,
And though I stood waiting for each to arrive,
I found myself sleeping for the quest was contrived.
No one was grouped and all were solo,
None answered my call as I shouted below,
"The quest would go faster if we each lend a hand,"
But the call went unanswered, they did not understand.
And so the whole server took ninety-nine days,
And when it was over they awoke from their daze,
With only five tears for all of their work.
They really should learn that helping's a perk.


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Poem July 18
Tank at the ready, wizards stretch out their hands,
The priests shoulder their maces and prepare words to command.
Each hunter examines the string of their bow...
Then five hundred shaman rush up from below.
Up the hill they come, the gathering horde,
And the tank yells out "Wait!" while waving his sword,
But as a mass they all rush about,
Aggroing Prisma and leaving me out. :)


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I received a request for a poem about summer storms.

Poem July 21
Out in the distance and approaching with wonder,
Dark tidings appear with glorious thunder,
Traveling quickly across the vastness of sky,
They bring with them life as they shudder and cry,
And let loose a torrent upon all that they see,
Covering grasslands, marshes and trees,
And though some may fear their clash and their sound,
We treasure the water they bring to the ground.


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World Chat Bonus Poems (Part 2)
I love to write improv poems in world chat, either through inspiration of what I see or when I receive a special request. I try to keep record of what was written so I can post it here later.

Poetry Night, Summer's Hollow - Asking for Help with the World Chat Song
I come to your stage tonight utterly unprepared,
I don't know what to type to you, I admit I'm feeling scared,
So I'll just write what comes to mind and share it right away,
I'm sure the words will come out fine - it will truly be OK.

I stood up here just a moment ago, I didn't have a plan,
I was sitting there by Noxia, then I turned to stand,
And walked on up and now I'm talking to all of you right here -
I really do love these events (I hope I make that clear).

And if you all will stay for a while,
And don't go straight to bed,
I may ask a favor at the end - from Lizardman and Red,
William could help and Packet too, I'll try to make it fun,
But you will have to wait and then you'll see after all the poems are done

Crafting Party, Summer's Hollow - Poetry Requests were Prizes
1 -
Either a request for a river dragon or Red Witch, who plays on US3. I'm not sure which.
Red Witch with her fairy friend,
Came quickly to the River Bend,
And found a shallow point to cross,
When suddenly she was tossed,
Through the air by a spray,
A river dragon in her way!
Reacting quickly, and with a blast,
She blew up the dragon and walked right past.

2 - Unicorns and Whales
A rainbow-colored unicorn cantered in the vale,
Riding upon it's back was a brightly colored whale,
Who spoke to me quite briskly in a lovely baritone,
"Can you point me to the desert? I think I dropped my phone

3 - Summer's Hollow
The roses are falling, the roses are falling!
All upon the hollow,
From way on high they're coming down,
Dropped from rooftops and chateaus.
The people here, they celebrate, for they have all returned,
After disappearing for several days, to where?
I never learned.

4 - (I've never been to the Drom and I was asked to write about it!)
It's endless black, and no way back,
I've gone up and down, I'm turned around,
I'm lost and hopeless with no way out,
I'm fairly sure that's what Drom is about.
I've dreamt while awake, it's a nightmare it's true,
And though you are here I don't know if you're you.
It's up, it's down, it's dark and creepy,
I need my friends here before I get weepy.

5- seriously Sylva, underwater and underwear? why?
I'm in my underwear and I'm underwater,
I think that I am crafting right next to a botter,
He's fishing near my swimming hole, and doesn't seem to care,
That his treble hook has hooked itself in my derriere.

6 - Aernak, who plays on US3
Aernak at the forge.
Aernak at the lathe.
Aernake, Aernak, up all night,
Is a crafting slave.
She promised 47 people to deliver early by the morn.
I think that by the 27th hour she'll wish she never had been born.

Which Wizards are the Best? Who should I play?
Chilly wizards are the best,
Unless compared to all the rest,
The holy priest is a tank,
Unless attacked from the flank,
A lightning warrior likes her shield,
A hunter hunts from across the field.
Make your choice and do not fret,
The choice you makes is best I'd bet.

Tianna responded that she's a hunter that tanks.
Tianna's hunter wears plate mail,
A solid wall of sheets and nails,
She cannot move and shoots from the blind,
And prays the arrow, it's target finds.

Following One of William's Poetry Events
The poetry event has now come to conclusion,
Our thanks to our host, for his inclusion,
And for his hospitality on this day,
Thank you William - Hip Hip Hurray!

Aelwynn Finds the Concept of PVP Between Holy Priests to be Interesting
Two priests decided one day to have a little duel,
To prove which of them was stronger, and which one was the fool,
They sat there spitting bolts at one another's toes,
And ten hours later quickly passed and they'd barely singed their clothes.

Marygold - We need a rhyme to encourage quest items to drop more quickly
It just so happens I might know of one.
It starts out slow, then it grows quite fun.
I seem to remember it starts with a "whoo!",
Then ends with a "bang-bang-babbaloo."
I know, I remember, I just need to think.
Oh now I remember! That one rhyme quite stinks...

I recommend rain dances to get something to drop.
You can stomp with your feet. You can yell with a "Yop!"
Raise your knees to your forehead and flip over back,
Get out a mallet and give it a smack,
All that ruckus is sure to make items drop quick -
Or make all friends around you grow literally sick.

I think Synsamia was trying to make Deadly Red a nick name? Skibbie Deadly Woot? Deadly Skibbies?
Skibbidie Daedilly Woot,
The striped cat got the boot,
The deadly skivvies in their skivvies,
Liked to holler, shout and hoot.

It makes no sense,
I understand,
I'm not the one to blame.
She started it,
That I'll surely claim.

Many more poems in the archives to be added soon...


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World Chat Bonus Poems (Part 3)
I have tons in the archives. This may take a while!

Deri - Who sells only one flavor of ice cream?
It hardly is a favor,
To only sell one flavor,
You need a dozen, maybe five,
Or else your ice cream store's a dive,
So pick up flavors, stock on up,
And put three scoops inside my cup.

A common topic on US3 - where are the cats? Many players named cat or kitten. Even a guild dedicated to them.
"Too many cats!" I shouted too loudly,
Only to find, that the kittens - quite proudly,
Would gladly reveal both tooth and claw,
And attack my poor person in tiger-is maw,
For they are quite pleased with their kitten invasion,
And expect all of us to be of similar persuasion.

Dungeon Runs. A common topic in World Chat. Deadly Red loves dungeon runs.
Deadly Red has a plan, it's nefarious - but cool.
She'll lure all her friends to dungeon, then she'll play the fool.
She'll dance around and aggro mobs, it's sure to be a hoot,
And if you help her kill them all I'm sure there will be loot.

Cardqueen was eating people. Or something. I lost the context, but Cardqueen was definitely there.
The purple people eaters invaded the chat,
Seeking purple people, prowling like a cat.
When showed up with nothing good to say,
The purple people eaters pounced and sent him on his way.

Someone named Emily was bored in world chat. William suggested a poem to help her.
No need for poor Emily to be bored this fine night,
There are plenty of friends to make it all right,
Just ask for some help on a quest for some fun,
You're sure to make friends before this night is done.

Speaking of William, he hosts an awesome headlines event.
Come one, com all in FIVE minutes time,
We'll sell you headlines for a dime.
Our host for this grand event,
Is dressed in red, but heaven-sent.
You get four letters for your report,
Join us soon in Ye Ol' Kingsport!

Three minutes left to head down,
Run or fly to Kingsport town,
Join us please for some fun,
We won't leave until the party's done.

Just a minute, It's all that remains,
Before this boat leaves with all it contains,
It's a party boat and you're all invited,
So when it leaves please don't feel slighted.

(OK, we won't really leave you behind,
But you'll miss out on some headlines.
Don't be late, but it's ok if you are,
You'll still have fun, you might be the Star!)

The rules are simple and William's our host.
He'll propose four letters, and those he will post,
Up in the chat for all to review,
Then you write a headline and share it too.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 8.36.04 PM.png

More to come from the archives...


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Poem July 22
I once had a home that was glorious,
It was well known and notorious,
It gave me much more,
Than I bargained for,
For in battle it made me victorious!

Yes my home that I purchased with a ticket or two,
Had a neat trick that helped when I slew,
Badgers and dragons, and rats of all sizes,
This home that I owned was full of surprises,
It gave me a buff that greatly empowered,
Every attack that I fired outward at cowards,
Rendering them helpless with a shot and a swing,
I so loved my house and to it I'll cling!

And though it's quite lovely and still has it's garden,
I really must ask, if you'll beg my pardon,
Now that I've lost bonuses to every last spell,
Will we soon have furniture? That would be quite swell!
And will certainly eliminate the mob that has gathered,
On discord and forums for their hopes you have shattered,
(And know that I say this tongue firmly in cheek),
For without my nice home I'm so terribly weak!


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Poem July 26
I wrote this poem after our village encountered a bug where our projects reverted back from the level we got them to.
I entered my village seeking the peace of the yard,
When to the amazement, of this humble bard,
I found my compatriots all bothered and frazzled,
For all of their projects had completely unraveled.
I found my poor Reason just lost at a node,
Trying to gather there, near her abode,
But there it lay empty, the bottom fell out,
Though others just like it were quite full of trout.
There's a glitch in the matrix, there's been a change,
Something's afoot, something quite strange.

Poem August 6
I wrote this poem to celebrate the village rallying together to take the Kitchen from rank 7 to rank 8. Unfortunately, the bug I noted above reverted the kitchen back to 7 tonight. We'll have to rally again and I'll have to write a new poem. :)

All of the guild was totally thrilled to spend their evening with beetles.
It was so willed (and thus it was billed) to be better than a bed full of needles.
With an abundance of greed, and with Red in the lead, they pulled bugs from their dirty, dark dens.
And with Jeff in the back, just talking smack, they gathered bugs by the hundreds and tens.
Our Katie did try, and so I did spy, to not laugh at the wriggling things,
But they crawled into her hair, to create quite a scare, for there was worry that beetles may sting.
Thus it was done, and with a group it was fun, the beetles were stuffed in a pot.
The kitchen was made, to pass the next grade, with all of the beetles we caught!


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Poem August 13
A glitch in the village set the projects askew,
But all is corrected after Damon's review,
The leveled de-leveled - it came spiraling down,
And the residents were worried, all through the town,
They worried for naught, for all was just fine,
After Damon examined the bytes and the twine,
That held it together like glue on a shoe,
It just needed polish and all was made new,
Nothing was wrong, just a visual gag,
A minor distraction, just a small snag,
The kitchen has pots warmed and quite ready,
The smithy is fired and hammers held steady,
The threads at the loom are set for a stitch,
And wood at the lathe is covered with pitch,
Everything's in order, there's no paradox,
But the pond had no fish and now it's quite stocked...*

*Bonus points to those that know the reference.


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Poem November 2
The wind is howling outside my door,
Though I cannot see it anymore,
The darkness unfurled across my state,
For my utility is really quite great,
Instead of maintaining lines to support,
They have instead chosen to nuke and abort,
Exit stage right and flee for the hills,
Leaving all in this darkness without any thrills,
No way to enjoy a screen or a song,
For the power is out all the day long.

All the day long, with nothing to do,
Just sit in the dark, just sit here and stew,
I've eaten the ice cream, I've eaten the ham,
I've nothing unspoiled but cans of old spam,
I sit here and hope that the lights will return,
But until that time I'll just sit here and churn...


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Poem November 3
The tailory wants fleece today,
I feel fleeced for if I may,
I cannot pass it on my walk,
it begs and pleads and begins to stalk,
it sees my pockets full of fluff,
and thinks that I could spare enough,
to send it on its merry way,
to upgrade soon, if not today.


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Poem November 6
The sun outside no longer shines, and the trees begin their slumber,
the cold arrives upon the wind and as the North expands we wonder,
a longing for days filled with light, a warmth of joy and hope,
for when winter is here we sit inside and depressingly we mope.
The seasons change and go around in methodolic ways,
so embrace the change and put on your coat to enjoy the shorter days.


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Poem November 7
I feel a bit like an ant, as I scurry about,
Looking for beetles, copper and trout,
And just like a squirrel that's stuffing it's cheeks,
I stock up from purples enough to last weeks,
I must cross this desert where I can't enhance,
As a camel needing some water I search for the chance,
To find an oasis of plentiful nodes,
I'll fill up my bags and carry my loads,
Back to the hive where we search out the spot,
To dump it all out, to dump the whole lot,
And buzz on back out to where we can see,
More to be gathered, all to carry,
Back and forth, and back again,
The ants of the village, who are helping their friends.


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Poem November 11
I found a purple node today,
While happening along my way,
I came across it in the town,
Near the path I was going down.
It glimmered and sparkled bright,
Catching a glow from soft moonlight,
I had to stop and watch the view,
I quite forgot just what to do,
And before I could raise a hand,
Another stopped and took command,
Scooping up the precious parts,
Leaving me nothing as he departs,
Gone in a wink, a blink of an eye,
The purple node whispered a silent "good bye."