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Bog Frog

I'm new to V & H and I mean I'm really enjoying the game. In my short walk through the game I accumulated some impressions that I would like to share here giving a feedback to the developers and also making some suggestions.

A summary of my player profile, just to contextualize the ideas presented below.

I like games (PC games) but as a way of leisure. I play just for fun and I have no masochistic tendencies.

What I look for in games
Simplicity - The game must flow by itself, if you can not perform a basic task without the use of a guide, the game is already lost meaning. Challenges are important, but what should be challenged is the player's ability and not his patience and endurance.

Comfort - The game experience should be comfortable, practical, and natural. All relevant information should be appropriately available on the screen (Smart HUD). Game controls should respond appropriately (just make sure they are ordered). Shortcuts to frequently executed commands.

I started playing V & H a little over 30 days at the suggestion of my wife (who has been playing V & H for a few years). I started the game without any knowledge. And even having a veteran as "private guide" I encountered some difficulties that more than once made me think about giving up (although my wife is very, very insistent). In the moments when we played (I not play without she), with every complaint of mine saying that this or that could be different, it said "you should post these suggestions in the Forum". So, here I am.


1) Reading
For me it is difficult to locate something in the game environment, I have a certain visual deficiency (okay, I'm a fifty and I see badly - yes I use broker lenses). But the font used in texts and names is what makes reading more difficult.

Suggestion - Font more friendly to popups and names and especially on the world map (the names are so small and squeezed that it gets to hurt the eyes)

2) Orientation
When I enter the game, I feel completely disoriented, not knowing where to go or what to do. The guiding of the quests is practically nil. there's only that little-almost-invisible-arrow pointing there (hey, there where? - what do I do when I get there?).
I still do not understand why this is so, the system already has most of the information, it's just a matter of exhibiting them in a more friendly way.

Suggestion - Improve the system of tracking quests by displaying the information in a friendly way for example:

- In the Journal, add in the record of the quest on which map the next target is located.

- If a monster is part of the goal of an accepted quest, display any mark next to the name or simply add a mark on its head so that the player viewing it already identifies it as a quest object.

- When a quest item is dropped, along with its name, show the quest name of the quest is displayed and the current count of that quest (n / n).

Tip 2 - Identify Boss Heads, with a different brand or look in the name, so that they differ from ordinary monsters.

3) Social
The Chat window, the chat for me has been an embarrassing experience. I think I'm considered the strangest and most antisocial guy in the guild. The chat window for me (and here I mean the perception) is a true "balaio de gatos" (translation: "basket of cats" - a Brazilian expression, means disorder).

Negative points
- It is outside the area of vision and you can not move to another location.

- The activity alert is barely perceptible.

- The text buffer is minimal, the entries do not have a time stamp. So if we monitor several channels part of the information (conversations) is lost, if we monitor a single channel as for example the Guild with few dialogues, someone says good morning and you have no idea if this was now or 2 hours ago.

- You are not alert when someone speaks to you.


- Add time stamp to conversations and messages
- Allow the repositioning of the Chat window.
- When you receive a private message, popup a private chat window and keep the conversation in this one.
- Enable the use of shortcuts for executing commands (for example [Atl] + [1] for / wave)
- When you press [Enter], start chat editing mode, regardless of whether or not the window has focus.

Gameplay - Gamer Control

Overall the game control is good except for two things:

- The character randomly attacks a target any even though no target has been selected (bad - level 2).

- "Leeroy Jenkins" By clicking on a target to select it, the character immediately runs like crazy to attack the target (bad - level 10)

Tip - Allow self-selection and auto-attack modes to be disabled in game settings so that if the player inadvertently clicks on an attack key and no target is selected, no action is simply taken, or when you click to get information, you can do so without unpleasant surprises.

Suggestion - quests pop ups
- View as a question at once and only have 2 options, accept or decline.

I hope this post is useful and can contribute to the evolution of this great game.
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Bog Frog
Kookaburra, Kooky
Welcome Havengard! You make a lot of good points in your post and I am in complete agreement with many of them

I also dislike the random attacks after you finish killing something or click too hard - and it does not get better as you get to a higher level! I would like to be able to turn off auto attack too, but it is really helpful when you are being attacked by multiple mobs either alone or in a group. So I might try it and then turn it off for good - hard to know until I experience it.

I only play on PC, so I don't know how android works but it seems you are missing some very helpful navigation help for quests.

I always have the local map open when I am out in the world. If you are tracking quests, there will be a marker (question mark or star in a circle) on the local map to tell you exactly where to go for most quests (not all, but more than 90%). Plus on the world map screen, the second section of the list of zones tells you where you need to go for tracked quests. I use those two features all of the time. On the main world map there is also a little symbol next to zones with quest tasks. In either the local or world map, when you hover over the symbol, it tell you which quest it is for. I find it quit easy to follow the local map to my next quest task and I do not have young eyes either!

If you are not tracking quests you will miss out on that very helpful navigation information. I really wish we could track more than 5 quests at a time. There are times when there will be more than 5 in one zone - specifically killing a bunch of different mobs -and it is frustrating not to be able to track all of them at once. Could we please add a second line of tracked quests for a total of 10?

I am sure you will get some good advice here in response - I am expecting to get some good hints by reading other players suggestions :)


To go with this, I also suggest adding a marker on the map for quest givers. I know that I've missed quite a few quests just cause I didn't know they were there. I wouldn't put a marker for dailies just normal quests